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Making ACID loops without a copy of Acid

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I have sound forge 6.0, which says it has the capability to make acid loops, but I cant find a way of slicing :mad:

WTF!, Please help.
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docta seuss

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pourquoi would you want to make acid loops if you dont have acid?

the acid section of sound forge is the one section i never use, but from what i gather, you select the area you want to loop, copy it to a new window, edit the acid properties, all found in the 'special' menu, and save.

now if you're looking to loop more than one section of the sample, the 'shift selection left', or 'shift selection right' options will take the selected amount of area, and flip it left or right, thus making perfectly even loops...

you've probably already figured this out, but unfortunately that's all i can help you with.


Static EQ

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There are copies of ACID 3.0 floating around the net for $25. I'll probally just buy one of those, cut down the loops I need and hit the road.... jack.
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docta seuss

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acid always distorts the sound quality when changing tempos though. i used to use acid, but now i just use soundforge. it's a lot more time consuming, but if you already know the tempo of the sample you're using, it's easy as pie.. mmm..


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ACIDIZING the tracks and having the "slices"
are two dif't things.

once you ACIDIZE the track and put it in
the Cyclone, it'll register the slices... but
you can't put slices in there where you
want to like you can in ReCycle.


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Go to SPECIALS once a file is open
Edit ACID Properties
select LOOP
select the # of beats in the sample
Clcik OK


Once it's saved, then, and you put it in
the Cyclone, the cyclone reads the
"ACID" markers and then you will see
the slices ...

If you had ACID, you could change
the # of slices in the resolution, like
quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth
note, et al... but I don't think you can
actually PLACE the slices anywhere


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cubase sx has "recycle" built in allowing you to slice and quantize beats on the fly... it even has the grid function.
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click your file pointer to any par t of your way(click on the thing)
and hit "m" on your keyboard to make a marker..




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^^^ are you talking about ACID or Cubase?

b-c all control m does is put a marker there
for your own referrence... and you can
extract as region for burning the separate
markers, but it does not do a slice in the
way we are used to with Cubase and