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Making a midi controlled DJ Mixer in Reason


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So, I'm trying to use Reason 3.0 to make something akin to a DJ mixer so I can crossfade between two mixers on which the song components are divided up.

I'm trying to bring some "liveiosity" back to my mixdown process that I seem to have lost since I've gone mainly digital.

Anyone have any idea of how to make a single fader make 1 unit's volume go up while it's simultaneously making another unit's volume go down?

I've been messing around with combinators, etc. but haven't got anything satisfactory yet.

Any thoughts, hints, or tutorials that I haven't found yet would be great!
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Thanks Matt ;)

I've actually been meaning to try Live. Maybe now is the time.

But I've also wanted to see if I could build something interesting in Reason so I won't give up just yet!

Matt Carl

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no doubt
i am not too familiar with reason so i can't offer any help but i know live is super easy to use and mega fun at all times :D
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I'm pretty sure you cannot accomplish this with Reason alone;

A) Reason does not allow interpretation of an incoming MIDI stream.
B) Reason does not allow one CC to be assigned to more than parameter.