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Make:Shift Records -2CD- "On The Lam " In Stores!!


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Now available at Play De Record & 2 The Beat


Make:Shift Records Presents:

“On The Lam”

2CD Compilation Release

Release Date: May 2006
Toronto, Canada

This release is limited to 400 copies for worldwide sale. It will most certainly sell out. Grab yours now!!!

Available in North America for only $12 USD (shipping included)

Available in Europe and the rest of the world for only $15 USD (shipping included)

To Purchase directly from the label please follow the link below


This diverse and ambitious release features over 2 hours of dnb/breakbeats/downtempo and everything in between.

This 2 CD set is an aural manifesto of what the Make:Shift crew is about. Disc 1 features genre-bending cuts from top DnB producers from around the world. We gave producers the opportunity to showcase their less “dancefloor” oriented tracks, to stretch their minds and abilities and to see what already creative people could produce, freed from the usual commercial constraints.

Disc 2 brings the bump’n’grind back into scene, featuring an exclusive dj mix from drum & bass/breakcore/idm DJ c64. His signature style encompasses cutting, splicing, pasting, and mashing different sounds and styles together into a seamless mix, guaranteed to make your body keep coming back for more.

Disc 1 - Compilation (click tracks for audio samples)

01. DJ Trax - The Forgotten BBoy
02. FanuSamurai - Something Violent For You And Me
03. Profane - Venomous States
04. Sincere Trade – Bend From Heat
05. Gremlinz & Stranjah - 5/4 Tune
06. Polska - Spawntain
07. Macc -Who Knows
08. Alpha Omega - Click & Scrapes
09. ASC – Surveillance
10. Sileni - Zaiko Therapy
11. Dodz – Sorcery
12. Krusada - What Do I Do Now

Disc 2 - c64 dj mix

01. Gremlinz & Stranjah - 8th Spirit (Gamma Ray)
02. Klute - Perceptron (Fanu rmx) (Commercial Suicide / Off Shore)
03. ASC - Alternate Source (Gamma Ray Digital)
04. Wizard - What Lies Beneath (Make:Shift)
05. Breakage - Mars (Bassbin)
06. Belladonnakillz - cOnFuSiOn NoT nV /:- ? (Dross:tik)
07. ASC - Black Steel (Make:Shift)
08. NXS - Sleeper (Paradox viktual drummer rmx 2001) (Comma)
09. Blame - Citadel (720)
10. Alpha Omega - Decade 303 (Thermal)
11. F8 - Skyrise Tracing (Gamma Ray)
12. Dodz - Pensive (Make:Shift)
13. Equinox - Coastal Vision (Warm Communications)
14. Mav - Inside Out (Scientific)
15. Alaska & Paradox - Shinjuku (Paradox Music)
16. Intense - 1st Contact (Vibez)
17. Dodz - Recall
18. Cable - How Do You Define (Gamma Ray)
19. Accidental Style - Space Funkt (Inperspective)

Also Available from Make:Shift Records

MSR01 – 12”
A. ASC – Black Steel
B. Wizard – What Lies Beneath

Upcoming 2006 Releases

MSR02 – 12”
A. Fanu – Jungle Got No Ranks
B. Dodz – Pensive

Polska – “Skeptic”
*debut full length CD album

Make:Shift Records
Toronto, Canada
makeshift_dnb (@) yahoo.ca
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