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make it funky!


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I didn't go, and I've been surfing the iterweb all evening, and I've gotta know.. who is the funky band? If its who I think it is, and I missed them, then thats too fuckin bad for me isn't it?

so who was it?


do The Dukes still "got it"

i miss you guys. hey, quality is knob 1!

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one thing.. a new venue or some industrial fans are in order for summer. I can't see people consistantly coming back to that sauna. and it's only gonna get hotter...

dj Red Turtle

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Great times. This time I was sober enough to remember.

My friend lost her Fido Siemens phone. And my other friend lost her cell phone and wallet as well. If anyone has found either of these items please pm me or email me at turtle at djredturtle dot com .
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I wanted to go but fashion cares ran over and I was just tuckered out.


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I had a really good time. it was hot, loud and energetic. "AWMAGAWD, the Dukes!"

Dorianne was the cherry on top of a delightful sundae of delicious music. Zirca got robbed but I was to happy to dance to feel really bad for him. Sorry dan. Chiclet and Aphrodite were there keeping it real and Vinder was a maniac on the dance floor. The hombre before KF and Adam got on (awmagawd, the dukes!) tore it up for me, think it was The Phat Conductor...

Caz was a mess of fun, everyone seemed to be having a blast. I know I was. Shame they ended it early.

Thats hellaweak, says I. Yarrrrr... AWMAGAWD, the Dukes!!


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Stopped in for a quick visit, loved the Jimmy Swift band, so funky. Ventured into the back to find Adam Addison impressing the shit outta me...well done

And yeah, boys, only problem I had was the heat in that back room. Smelled like dirty feet wrapped in week old leathery bacon! I lost 2 pounds just standing there dripping in sweat!

That being said, it was a super vibe and I had enjoyed my time there!

oh and caz, my apologies for the dumbfounded "who is this guy who knows my name?!" look..happy birthday man


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we tried to pop by at 3:15am.



glad to hear it was good! i'm sad i missed the dukes, those guys never disappoint.


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Krzysiu said:
The hombre before KF and Adam got on (awmagawd, the dukes!) tore it up for me, think it was The Phat Conductor...

That was Greg J aka Kid Bippy of Funky Cactus records in San Francisco. He absolutely tore up the b-boy funk. The phat Concductor played before Greg (the dude with the dreads with live visuals goin) I missed his set unfortunately as I was playing in the back room.

Full review and pics coming shortly.
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Got there early for DBK playing inthe back room. LIstened to the dj after.. can't remember his name from the beat Freakers though. Played a solid set. Then it got tooo hot so i moved over to the main room, drank a bit. Dylan played a good set. It got hot in that room so I then left to go home to my bed. had a good time.


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Yea, the place was stupid hot for a night that was cool outside
I would not consider going there when it will be hotter out

Music was great all around
Phat Condutor started off very broken and hard to dance to, but still impressive
then her smoothed it out and had people dancin
I think I prefered the beats in the back room though

Wicked people showed up too


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back room was a-fucking-wesome. assault of funky ass breaks, i couldnt stop smiling. who was spinning there between 1030-1130???

phat conductor was great, first time hearing him live and i was impressed with his set, visually and musicvise.

greg j. what a guy !! spoke to him for a while, who would say that quiet guy is such a freak behind them decks.

He absolutely tore up the b-boy funk
amen to that. one of the best live breaks set ever.

all in all awesome night, you can always count on good vibes at MIF gigs.

it was fucking hot but it was all good.

when is the next time?????


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This was my first time out in ages and was it ever a great night to be out. I have not heard such great music in a lonnnng time. From start to finish the music was pumpin. Got there just as JSB was playing and stayed for as long as I could bare the heat.
Saw a ton of wikkid faces and danced our asses off all night. I wil defintely go back to another make it funky event.

I do have some good pictures of the night I will throw up when I get home tonight.

ps. Caz I had no idea it was your bday night. HAPPY BELATED MAN!!! It was great finally getting to meet you. Shane as well, it was wikkid getting to see you again. Its been far too long since we cut rug as together.
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ahhh monday morning and I can think clearly!

Saturday night got there around 12:00 and someone was dropping it nice in the back room, wish I knew who :S

Dukes, Phat Conductor were off the hook. Great to see Krazysue, aphrodite, chiclet, fillmore, Vinder, Lys, Timmy, turtle etc. etc. etc.

Awsome to meet Dan Zirca when I got there :)

Awesome night for my bday.. ended a little bit too soon, but it was cool cause we ended up at an after hours anyway which was sweet! A wee bit too hot in the elmo though, I was fucking dripping the whole time! :(

good work to the MIF crew


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ah, so sorry to have missed this.
was looking forward to it but just couldn't make it out of the house. way too tired. i know that sounds lame but, hell, teething baby and no sleep makes for a walking zombie.

but glad to hear it was an awesome night!

so when's the next installment? :)


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the next installment is soon, but i don't think make it funky is allowed to mention it online until the ads are out. it's got an absolutely killer lineup though.

i had a great time despite having to run around taking care of a milion things the whole night. the jimmy swift band were AMAZING and i will definitely check them out again. it's really too bad that there weren't that many people there for the beginning of their set. they were shithot. greg j was a total maniac on the decks, he played a lot of great funky stuff and MAN can he ever mix. the dukes killed it too, especially right near the end when they busted out all the tipper etc... dave dub was awesome as usual, and the dirt bike kid really rocked out the back room at the beginning. he had that room hoppin when there were only about 50 people in the whole place, it was crazy. i missed farbs unfortunately, but i heard nothing but good things. i agree that it got a bit hot, but what can you do?

i was really happy with my own set. it was great to finally get to do the a/v thing in toronto, plenty more to come. the reason why the set was so hectic was that it was mroe of a 'show' set and less for the dancefloor. it was all live midi with midi visuals and was intended to be a half hour megamix that went from 100bpm to 170bpm and then back again, hiphop, breaks, house, funk, drum and bass, and then back for the last tune. fun fun. i'm glad it went off, i spent weeks getting it ready. thanks to everyone who missioned from out of town to see me too, i promise i'll play for longer next time.

thanks a lot to everyone who came out, especially considering the weather, and the close proximity to the last jam. hopefully make it funky will be able to step it up to more than once a month. i know i would go.



ps: where's the photos?
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Sal De Ban

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Glad to hear all those funky tunes! This jam was even WAY better than the freestylers/rogue element thing. way better, more positive crowd, more creative music (salty chocolate balls, loved it!). You'd think the freestylers would have been funky enough, but they seem to be riding the wanky, only-reese bass tracks now - so I'm glad I went to MAKE IT FUNKY and did it right. real funk. i will go again, too hot or not. just keep your shirts on (sweaty dudes).


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Ok heres my review and then tons of pics on the way.

THANK YOU TORONTO! It is incredibly refreshing to hear from international dj after dj that Toronto has one of the best crowds they have ever played for in an intimate environment.

Greg J said to me " I think this is the most friendly crowd I have played for in over 10 years" and "THOSE PEOPLE CAME TO DANCE!" This is something I hear regularly from most of the people we bring in and Im wondering what other cities are doing and what are we doing so differently that it brings those consistently good vibrations.

I apologize for the heat we did rent 5 fans and took the front windows out but YOU ARE RIGHT. It wasnt enough and we will step up for the next jam(read on to for basic detail).

So on to my review. Rollin' Cash started out the main room with some dub vibrations to warm up the early crowd, while Dirt Bike Kid absolutely destroyed the back room with some of the best funky breaks around. Greg J was raving about his set saying he needs a shot at the main room or a better timeslot to absolutely kill it (and I totally agree so watch for more from the kid)

Adam Addison Stepped up in the back room after DBK and layed down "THE HOT FUNK BABY GONNA MAKE YA FREAK!" People were lovin it and Adam is a solid dude both as a friend and behind the decks.

In the main room The Jimmy swift band was rocking the place just tearing up the funk. The vibe was a more trancy break with a flow that just picked you up and took you on a fantastic funk-filled journey into the mystic.

At that point I took to the decks in the back room (unfortunately missing dylans set which I really wanted to see) Unfortunately Sunpredictable ate wendy's and got food poisoning and couldn't make the trek so I went on solo. Thanks to everyone who filled the floor during my set. I heard a lot of great comments from people and had a blast changing the tempo from soul funk like Gladys Nightand the pips Nitty Gritty to rare horn filled funky breaks and even (for the first time ever) some Funky drum n bass. I think one of the hardest hitting tracks I played that got the crowd shakin thier thang was the Lady Soverign remix damn thats a fun party track. This was one of the most enjoyable sets Ive ever played live and thanks to all of you who enjoyed it with me.

The Legendary Dave Dub had a blast playing after me unfortuneately I missed most of his set so I only got to hear a couple tracks but damn that guy has deep crates. To top it off was Zirca who got cut down early (and will have an earlier slot next time) sorry dan cause I know you were set to destroy em.

Back to the main room where Greg J stepped up lined em up and Knocked em down. For those of you who dont know (and I was asked "who is this guy!" a hundred times) Greg J is the owner of Funky Cactus Recordings out of San Francisco and he is one of the funkiest dudes on the west coast. He has been djing for years you may remember him from back in the day as "Kid Bippy" (a name he is trying to shake) He is a very humble yet intelligent dj with incredible skills both mixing as well as scratching and he unleashed an onslaught of b-boy breaks on the crowd leaving not a foot on the floor standing still.

last but certainly not least THE DUKES! Great to finally meet them after hearing so much about them from friends like Dave lawrence "the white reggae dj from oshawa" for years. Saw them at the bassnectar show and the old eastern bloc warehouse party and both times they rocked it so I was confident they would blow away our crowd and they did. Looked like they had a blast doin it too.

Overall this party rocked. The band the djs The crowd YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR BEING A PART OF THE MAKE IT FUNKY COLLECTIVE. You are the reason we work so hard to do what we do.

As for the next jam June 24th "Mat The Alien VS Vinyl Richie" 4 hour set on 4 decks!!!! The full details will be posted on tribe very shortly and look for the Make It Funky Mat The Alien set from the last Mat show to be posted within the next couple days in the mixes forum.
This will be one of the most unbelievable sets to hit Toronto ever(I kid you not these guys are two of canadas best djs)! Mat just finished touring with mixmaster mike and Vinyl Richie (better known as half of Wicked Lester) is a turntable wizard.

and now for the MANY PICS!........
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My pics


the dukes goin at it


Adam Addison






If your gonna make the face Im gonna post it! lol

Turtle and ??


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These photos are courtesy of Dave Tran photography
All photos are © Dave Tran. All rights reserved. All photographs on this website are protected by copyright laws in the USA and Canada and are protected internationally. No images may be used, displayed, or reproduced for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, without express written consent from Dave Tran.










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