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Make It Funky - Mat the Alien & Wax Romeo


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Our best party yet! Mat makes djs feel like they need to learn how to dj again. Pictures and a full review to follow.

Ms. C

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Wicked times at the Elmo on Saturday.

Funky, funky, funky goodness in both rooms. Great vibe, great crowd, and amazing music. Mat the Alien was phenomenal. Closing set in the back room was rocking... until the room got shut down. Taro played some nice funky breaks as well (I believe it was Taro). Way to go make it funky crew, you guys always seem to impress! :)


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Wow. That was a giant piece of funk! and I loved it!
Chu is Funk. He proved this is evening. Slow burn, slow down slow whatever you call it, niiiiiiiice. Wax Romeo had some mad tracks, great selection and flow! Ventured to the back room were Zirca stepped up with some sweet smooth DNB (Everyday-shy fx..sick) Then plopped back to see Mat The Alien, and this guy is all sorts of awesome. Scratch this, pull that, mix this...genius! I hadn't seen shit like this since the likes of Dopey and Mix Master Mike! I am sadden'd that I had to leave early.

High fives to Farbs (great party, nice suit), Jo Jo (it's good to see you alive), Stressy, CHUUUUUUUUU, Druz, Brish (welcome to teh country pal), Lucy, and Mitssssuko Jens who rocked the dancefloor with me!

It was a prefect night to have a lot of vodka.


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Awesome night! Hope you guys use this venue again (though I was drunk enough not to realize there was a second room until about an hour in lol).

Nice to meet JesuX and Stormshadow as well!


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had a wicked time out.. :p

Wax Romeo was laying it down in the main room. Great flow. Chu, from what I caught of him, was dropping the funky business with the skills that only he has.

Great crowd out, which was really nice to see. A lot of new faces that I haven't had the pleasure of seeing yet.

Unfortunately, I had to leave before Mat the Alien, but for the several hours that I was there, things were just rolling.

Jesux, I didn't even know you made it - another time I guess
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What a great night!!!
Tons of cool people, and such a variety of faces! Haven't been to the elmo in a while ..like what they did with the back room..Got there early and started off the dance floor in the larger room..great dancers btw..love breaks for that! got free stuff, drank, met some people, and had a lot of fun..that can't be beat... overall 8.5/10
Can't wait for the next one on the 1st of April with fort knox.:)


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Zirca killin it with some funky ass liquid dnb
Wax Romeo,Big League Chu,Knowledgebass,Dave Dub,Farbsie
Wax romeo layin it down
Excuse me.... While I kiss the sky!
Timmy diggin zirca as he stated above
Mat The Alien and his 7" slipmats (Fantastic Idea)
Mat The alien doin his thang

Crowd goin off for Mat


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does mat the alien hail from or play regularly in whistler or am i thinking of someone else?
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Dr. FunkNstein

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What a bad ass funky night!!!

It was wicked to see so many new and familiar faces getting down in the Funk Lounge, it was a great way to start off the night! Thanks again to all of you who braved the sub-Arctic temperatures and made it out.

It was the first time I seen Mat play live, and he lived up to and exceeded all the hype....Sick set dude!!! I am still blown away by the depth of his crates, and his unreal collection of 45's. Also a very down to earth guy, with his very own slipmats :D My g/f flew out to Whistler on Sunday morning, and is going to check out Mat on Wednesday.

Looking forward to the next Make It Funky party with FK5!!


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billy said:
damn. didn't know he was coming to toronto. he was pretty good when i heard him in whistler last winter.

you should have made it out,
we coulda had a double night of wicked events ;)
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Wiseman said:
Now Bring Wood & Soo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word to that. Glad to see Toronto has finally got a taste of MTA. Mat rules, and one of the nicest guys in the world. A REAL DJ with crazy deep crates.
Wood & Soo are touring out east in the summer.... look for Toronto dates on their site www.woodnsoo.com .