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Make It Funky! Greg J the Dukes WOOHOHOOOOOO!


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Damn these guys just don't stop! another amazing lineup. I can't wait till next weekend now! Love the dukes havnt seen them since that bassnectar show a while back they played breaks there and it was fantastic.
Phat conductor, Dave dub, greg J all great djs. Im gonna buy a new pair of dancin shoes.
anyone know who the secret funk band is?
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This saturday! I havnt looked at the wemf lineup yet, anyone know the options for the secret band?


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Flashy_McFlash said:
D'oh, this is the first MiF I'll be missing since they started!


>shame on you

should be good - looking forward to seeing the J man work it -
<provided I"m back in town by then>
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indeed, gentlemen and lady, it seems I shall be attending as well. har har har har har... ooh, my monocle.


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just saw on that other breaks board that the Jimmy Swift Band are the secret band! THAT IS FANTASTIC!

It says they are going on at 11:15
I know rollin cash is playing a dub set with live visuals from 10-11:15

Looks like Ill be there pretty early! I love rollins funky dub vibrations.
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Adam Duke

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We're on at 2:30am
Phatty Pants is on before us.

Other than that, bring your dancing shoes.

...and a clean pair of underwear.

...preferably a thong.


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see you cats tonight!