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Magnetic North - FRISKY Radio Exclusive


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MagneticNorth Mar '08

with special guest

Damon G

Damon G is becoming one of the most recognizable names in the dance industry today.

In 2001, Damon G started Fullbodysoundsystem | Wifi; which in the beginning was a small promotions company, but has now grown into one of the world's top dance labels that sees support from top dj's such as Matt Darey, Eric Morrilo, The Flash Brothers, Louis Osborne, Steve Lawler, Andy Moor, London 909, Paul Oakefold, Zimbardo, Chris Udoh and Christian Cambas with their releases.

2007 has been a rather successful year for Damon, having signed his first single "Tight Pants" to UK label HypnoMusic, as well as currently working on a four track EP for his own Fbss LP Series. Damon also remixes icon producers such as Mashtronic, Steve Angelo, Oliver Lang, Leron Yves Eaux & Luke Starr, Bitrok, as well as Paranoid Jack. These tracks may be found on Damon's Fullbodysoundsystem and WIFI record labels as well as for labels like Benchmarc, Cubic, Erase, HiFi, Composure, Seamless, Pure Substance and many others.

Damon G is a reviewer for Amsterdam web based magazine 365mag, and does exclusive mixes for Thump Radio (XM Channel 80) Global Dance Sessions (Syndicated FM Radio Show) Ministry of Sound Germany (Syndicated FM Radio Show) Ray Roc's Sirrus Satellite Radio Show (Sirrus Satellite Radio), and Minsitry of Sound UK, as well in December 2007 Damon was accepted as a dj member in to the highly acclaimmed Balance Record Pool

Info: www.fullbodysoundsystem.com

Info: www.myspace.com/djdamong


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MagneticNorth Apr '08

with special guest

Greg Gow

Toronto-based producer and DJ Greg Gow, has long been a crowd favorite in Toronto’s electronic music scene. As the founder of two internationally selling record labels, Restructured and Kombustion, Greg has fast become an ambassador for Canadian electronic music internationally. His rhythmical sensibility and technical talent has led Greg to join the ranks of premiere Canadian artists such as; DJ Preach, Misstress Barbara, John Acquaviva, Algorithm, Mateo Murphy and Richie Hawtin.

Early in his career Greg was exposed to various styles of music having attended warehouse events in Toronto and Detroit. Initially, he collected hip hop records in the early nineties; but quickly gained recognition as a house music DJ on CHRY 105.5 FM York University radio. While Greg had established himself as a high-profile DJ in the Toronto house music circuit, his sound was rapidly evolving. In 1996, influenced by the harder Detroit and German technological sounds, Greg traded his smooth house sound for dark atmospheric, intense and danceable techno.

In 1997 the rave scene was exploding across Toronto, and it quickly became the ideal environment for Greg to display his hard rhythmic tones and technical brilliance. Yet it was a fresh up-start techno production company, Phryl, where Greg’s stature of one of the top techno Djs in Canada was solidified. Playing packed warehouses alongside international headliners such as; Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Gaetano Parisio, Derrick May and Stacey Pullen. His Phryl sets were regarded as brilliant and often overshadowed the top-billed acts he was playing with. Greg was now a major player in the dance music scene in Toronto, and while the scene was shifting from warehouses to the more intimate club settings, he remained a staple in an ever-changing culture.

Greg Gow has enjoyed equal success as a promoter, DJ and Label Manager. Greg’s event production company Mono, was established in 2002 and is credited with bringing in some of the biggest names in Techno to Toronto. Working with John Lickrish of Blue Bookings, Greg’s highly successful Mono events were hosted at various respected venues (System Soundbar, the Opera House and the Guvernment to name a few), bringing in talent such as; Richie Hawtin, Madga, Thomas Krome, Steve Bug and Speedy J. Greg’s DJ career was brought to the next level, when he signed with Blue Bookings. This led to Greg’s well deserved association with other high caliber internationally touring DJs on the roster such as Marco Corola and Steve Bug. He also had the opportunity to join Mauro Picotto on a mini tour, opening for him at Avalon (formerly Limelight) in New York City and closing for Picotto in Toronto at the highly recognized Guvernment Nightclub, where Greg is frequently booked. Presently, Greg holds down residencies at Toronto’s premiere electronic dance music destinations, Footwork, Guvernement Koolhaus Complex, Comfort Zone and This is London. Internationally, Greg has represented Toronto in Miami during the 2004 Winter Music Conference and Miami 2005 at Space. He has also played the legendary Detroit Movement Festival on the Techno Blvd. Stage, and was featured at the Tronic Treatment Party with Christian Smith in 2005. Internationally in 2006 Greg appreared in Caracas, Venezuela and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Ultimately it is Greg’s steady DJing career and his music productions that are leading to his ever-increasing recognition. In the studio Greg combines analogue and digital equipment to compose banging climactic Detroit style techno that often features minor key stabs. His releases on labels including Seismic Detroit, Default, Zen, 2Wars and Tresor have garnered spins from top DJs Rush, Umek, and Mateo Murphy. Greg’s own internationally selling labels; Restructured and Kombustion, feature his music and other artists’ music from around the world. Restructured productions have been spotted in the crates of globe trotting DJs including Steve Rachmad and Ben Sims. In Chicago, Greg has played alongside DJ Frankie Vega and he is releasing tracks on Uppercut (a subsidiary of Dust Traxx). Evidently, Greg Gow is a respected Canadian player in the game for the long-term with plans for 2005 and beyond. Music industry personages and fans can rest assured Greg Gow’s endeavors will live up to the calibre of excellence that he has thus far displayed. Moving forward into 2007 Gow is setting up a series of sub labels of Restructured. The first to unleash the more house oriented side of his tastes. The second labels will be more experimental.. Details to come soon!!

Info: www.restructured.net

Info: www.greggow.net


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MagneticNorth May '08

with special guest

Paul Kwitek

It seems only natural that Paul Kwitek would embark into the electronic music world with his past early childhood experiences with tape recorders, record players ,and keyboards, Paul Kwitek was enthralled with the power and complexities of the Electronic music he purchased or heard at nightclubs ,concerts,and Events. In 1995 he decided to put his interest and love for music into a slow but steady climb up the latter to become more than just a passionate fan of the music he adores. Paul K completed and produced his first piece of music in 1995. Simultaneously, he started compiling influential contacts in the industry and local scene. Since then he’s been at it nonstop, undertaking everything from writing dance tracks to producing music for films and tv commercials if he is not making music he is searching for music as the Label A&R for Existence Records . Paul’s previously earned diploma in Audio Engineering From Trebas Institute( Toronto) ,and a strong knowledge of music fundamentals (Royal Conservatory of music) gave him the ability to begin what will be a promising lifetime project.

To date Paul has released many singles Titles like“Dont Forget” (Existence Records 2004) was remixed by Santiago Nino & Francis Davila following his debut original ,Paul delivered a remix of Habersham “Into the M” (12”) also released on Existence Records . Since then it has been a steady trickle of standout remixes as well as his own productions for various Record Labels… As of Late Paul Has been also Collaborating with other musicians one collaboration led to the formation of a new group with Neah (Sweden) the self titled project Neah & Paul has a very intimate and relaxing atmosphere. and the work fits well in the chillout ambient genres of electronic music 2007 sees his biggest and best year yet with his exquisite down tempo break beat remix of Deep Forest’s “Sweet Lullaby” (Existence Records) which hit Top Ten Seller on Itunes Japan and was also included in the Beatports Top 100 chart. In July 2007 Paul teamed up with L.A’s Roxanne Morganstern the final result was a mystical and powerful progressive house track titled “Black Ocean”, Black Ocean is already receiving some rapturous feedback and is steadily making waves! Included with the original are brilliant remixes from Retroid, Ogi Gee Cash & Synchronized, Jonatan Tesei (Kintar & Rex) +many more. Paul maintains his status as an extremely versatile and skilled Composer ,Producer,DJ , while he Never switching off for one minute when it comes to music – Paul Kwitek does various radio shows on Proton Radio (Usa), Danceradio (Greece),And has been Featured on many top Radio Brands from all over the world.

With Paul heading towards the end of 2007 with a noteworthy list of contributions already under his belt, his journey into 2008 sees him stepping up the game and onto the next step of the ladder with a Forthcoming debut artist album that’s to be released on Existence Music in spring of 2008,Paul Kwitek has delivered with a well-earned place amongst Future artists to watch for.


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MagneticNorth June '08

with special guest


MattLok… a man who truly loves his house music. From Deep House to Funky House to Electro House to Progressive to Tribal to Tech House, he loves it all. As a DJ and Recording Artist his sounds are driven eclectic deep tribal beat and rhythmic sonic wave tones that hypnotizes you anywhere. His vibe stems from the influences of other artists such as Superchumbo, Oscar G., D. Ramirez, Peace Division, Mark Knight, Rhythm Masters, Steve Angello, Deadmau5, Hatiras, H-Foundation, and Nick Holder. But his roots are deepen by past sounds of Depeche Mode, New Order, Tones On Tail, Grandmaster Flash, Midnight Star and many more. With that said, his sounds today is what makes us move today.

MattLok has grown up with music all his life whose influence was by his father who used to play in a Chinese style “Beech Boys” band in Hong Kong. But it was the sounds of 2 radio stations: CFNY 102.1 FM and Energy 108 (107.9 FM) that elevate his musical interests. Every weekend he would listen to Chris Sheppard, Skot Turner, Craig Beesack, Deadly Headly Jones and Wayne Williams as they were his secret weapon to the latest sounds around for many years.

Uniquely these combinations of “New Wave”, Industrial, House, Techno, Hip-hop, and Electro has molded his sound today. In 1987, MattLok’s sound emerges as he started to DJ locally all around Ontario, Canada and eventually across parts of the world. Throughout his journey during the decade of the 90’s he had a chance to work at Energy 108 FM with Wayne Williams, Play De Record (one of the most renowned record stores in North America), and DJed at various clubs, warehouse parties, and raves playing non-stop, 4 nights a week.

After the Y2K, MattLok’s music took to the next level and started back into production again. With the major help from Stickman Records, MattLok’s production transpired into various labels today such as Four01 Recordings, FullBodySoundSystem, WiFi Records, Movin’ House, éStereo Recordings, DarkBeat Records, and DJsUnited which reached all across the world from vinyl to CDs and mp3. All these labels from past to present to future represents all the different genre of house he loves and plays. You’ll find a lot of MattLok’s music in past CD compilations of DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, and many more as well as TV shows from a remix or original production.

Following his label MattLok and Isaac S collaborated a couple of studio projects and also became well known as resident DJs at the Purple Room for over 4 years straight bringing quality sounds and guest DJs/Artists from all around, bridging the gap between Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo. MattLok is most renowned for his talent, playing on 3 turntables fluently during his residency. But between his residency and his gigs, he commonly plays alongside with DJs such as Isaac S., Paranoid Jack, DJ Roo, MC Flipside and Brian C.

To date, MattLok just finished his tour in Southern Philippines alongside with Brian C. Thanks to the Philippine resident DJ Alfred and DJ Tip as well as MC Carlo at Kool FM for the bookings. Most of his music and labels can be found on BeatPort.com and Juno.co.uk - Upcoming for the summer are some hot melodic drum tracks with obscure electronic noises that guarantee to raise your hand. A final note… As MattLok has always said “Intelligent Music for Intelligent People for Intelligent Vibes”, it’s words that he believes and lives by every day.


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MagneticNorth August '08

with special guest

Carlo Lio

If music is the Universal language then Toronto Native, Carlo Lio is surely multilingual. It is this universal appeal that has allowed Carlo to speak to so many people without ever having to say a word. His ability to capture sounds and emit them so expressively is a gift. Music has always been a priority in Carlo’s life; anyone who witnesses him gracing the decks can attest to this. Carlo can turn a careful observer into a dancer through the raw emotion and passion in his music. Music is a language; it is a means of connectivity, intimacy and communication and Carlo has brilliantly captured and shared this with his fans.

As a DJ, producer: & businessman. His continued efforts both in and out of the booth have paid off. Teaming up with studio partner Nathan Barato to create Rawthentic Music, Carlo has been pounding out numerous quality hits which have received plenty of local & International support. His unique signature style that’s driven by a relentless, sexy, hypnotic, techy groove is sure to leave you mesmerized.

Carlo has so instinctively tapped into that ‘human experience’ that millions of club goers have sought after and has taken so many on a journey into sound. With his flawless and imaginative mixing and his mind-blowing programming, Carlo preaches a gospel of repetitive beats. His fast, deep pulsing tech-house, or groovy, chuggy minimal are inspirational and he credits his latest sound to three of his most current influences; Mastiksoul, Marco Carola and Loco Dice.

Carlo emulates great confidence and is a strong visionary and leader in Toronto’s club culture. If you have a yearning hunger for the beat, just open wide; Carlo will satisfy your mind, body and soul and leave you salivating for more.




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MagneticNorth September '08

with special guest

Julien Loreto

After being seduced by electronic music and its culture at a warehouse party in 1996, Julien, a native of Toronto, Canada, acquired some used DJ gear and started making mix-tapes for friends. By 2000, Julien earned a Friday night residency at the historic Mad Bar in Toronto playing alongside some of the city’s best DJ’s and international guests such as DJ Heather, Derrick Carter and Miss Honey Dijon. Throughout his years behind the decks, he has developed a distinct sound and mixing style that has made him a crowd favorite in Toronto and has lead to current residencies at The Guvernment and Comfort Zone as well as a number of international appearances including the BPM Conference/Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

In 2004 Julien decided he had more to offer to the scene than just DJing and began producing electronic dance music. Although still in the early stages as an artist, 2008 has been a promising year for Julien as two of his singles, “Tricks For Free” and “Don’t Stand So Close”, were found on various DJ charts as well as Beatport’s top 100. He has recently launched Generation Recordings, a digital label which acts as an outlet for his own work as well as a medium to promote new music and artists on the tech house, minimal and techno tip.

With his massive DJing skills, quality productions, and a label that is keeping on the cutting edge of club music, Julien has made his mark in Toronto and is proving to be up and coming international talent.




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MagneticNorth October '08

with special guest

Paranoid Jack

Manny Berenguel, aka Paranoid Jack, first started Djing in 1994. At the time, he was heavily influenced by the New York / Jersey Garage sound and began to play small underground parties in Toronto's warehouse scene with veterans DJ Cube and Alvaro G. His roots were firmly placed in soul, disco and funk which became an important part in shaping his production philosophy later on.

1996-97, the heyday of Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk and the Mongoloids, brought about another evolution in Jack's sound as elements of techno fused with funky filtered house which became the fundamental basis for everything he's done since. After getting his Audio Engineering degree from Trebas Institute in 1998 he began work on his own production material with an extremely small set-up that consisted of an old beat-up Mac, a K2000 rackmount sampler and a pair of home-made studio monitors.

Amazingly, it was out of this humble system that his first record emerged, "Herbz the Word". He gave the demo on to longtime friend MC Flipside (who at the age of 23, was already a respected veteran of Toronto's rave scene), who promptly passed it on to Stickman Records. They signed it and released it in January of 1999, and the rest is history. It went on to become somewhat of a cult-classic, immediately gaining support from heavyweights like DJ Dan, Terry Mullan and Halo, and remains a highly sought after tune to this day.

Jack went on to produce several singles and remixes for the Stickman camp over the next few years, with each one going in a slightly different direction yet maintaining the banging and funky element that became the signature Paranoid Jack sound. This culminated in the release of his first artist album in 2001, "The Last of the Funky Cyborgs". The album spawned three singles (“U”, “Slavedriver” and “Smart Hockey”) which shot up the charts and put Paranoid Jack on the map. The massively respected Yoshitoshi crew picked all three as their #5 tune on their prestigious Top 101 Tunes of 2001 claiming "these were all so good, we couldn't pick just one!"

"Slavedriver" crossed over into the progressive scene with support from Deep Dish, Danny Howells, Quivver, Sasha, John Digweed, Seb Fontaine, Max Graham and just about everybody else. It reached #1 on both the UK's Massive Records Chart and the US Balance Promotion Charts, and was licensed to several highly esteemed CD compilations, including Transport and Ministry. The success of this single led to remixes by local favourite Addy, and the UK's highly respected tech-house guru Jamie Anderson, which attained similar praise. His 2002 release "Dirty Fingernailz" on Four01 Recordings became a worldwide favourite as well, appearing on Steve Lawler's "Lights Out" compilation for Global Underground.

2003 brought another underground smash titled “The Big O” which solidified Paranoid Jack as an established name in the tech-house scene. This led to a slew of remixes on primetime labels like Lee Coombs’ Thrust Recordings, Kingsize Records, Meat Katie’s Lot 49 imprint, Chris Fortier’s Fade Records, and Release Grooves.

Which brings us to 2004, where Paranoid Jack has really come into his own. “Bring Back the Jack” (Thrust Recordings), “No Rest for the Wicked” (Release Grooves), “Acid Fixx” (Slush Recordings) and breaks collaboration “Environmental Product” (Promo Records) with Robb G, “The World Must Change” (Fifth Sun) have all had massive success with a wide range of todays best DJs. Jack felt it was time to take things to the next level by opening up his own label, Fifth Sun Recordings, with local veteran and good friend Tim Patrick. So far the label has been received very well, with all three releases so far hitting Number 1 on the exclusive Balance Pool Chart successively.

All of this attention has led to 5 years of solid DJ appearances all over Canada, the United States, Japan and Europe, where Jack is proving that he can rock the decks as well. His silky smooth mixing style and genre-bending approach to programming have made him a favourite everywhere he goes. Elements of deep house, tech house, progressive, techno and some breaks are woven together with a distinct percussive and funky feel throughout. As a member of the prestigious Balance Record Pool (membership includes 40 of the top DJs and record shops in North America), Jack has access to a wide array of the most upfront tunes as well as a constant flow of unreleased tracks from his friends around the world.

In a few short years, Paranoid Jack has become an established name in the underground scene. He's been licensed to CD's by people as varied as Nigel Richards, Roger Sanchez, George Morel, Eddie Amador, and Steve Lawler. His records are consistently found in the boxes of the world's top DJ's, and (most gratifying to him) his career is being followed by some of the people he respects most. Nowhere was this more evident than when Circulation (one his favourite production groups) lost their records recently, and an e-mail request came in for a copy of everything Jack’s ever done. Paranoid Jack is definitely one to look out for in the future, and we have only seen the beginning of what promises to be a long and bright career.



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MagneticNorth November '08

with special guest

Jeff Milligan

In 1986, at the age of 14, Jeff Milligan (aka : Algorithm) had his first exposure to electronic music via some of Chicago, Detroit and Toronto's earliest alternative radio programs. A year later in 1987, Jeff decided to dedicate his life to DJing and music production. His close proximity to the Great Lakes Triangle : Toronto, Chicago and Detroit, led Jeff to develop a foremost influence from the early years of American house and techno. As Jeff delved deeper, he developed a keen interest in various European artists and record labels. The music Jeff played at the time and still does to this day, has a dual, continental European and American influence, the more experimental, more minimal sound of the two continents, the origins of what evolved into a unique Canadian sound. Jeff was the first DJ to expose a Canadian audience to his unique brand of techno and house music selections, preceded only by Richie Hawtin. Jeff's highly technical, three/four turntable style put him in high demand across North America and by the age of twenty, Jeff was playing the Midwest circuit (Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland etc.) and nationwide, all over Canada. Jeff is legendarily regarded by his contemporaries as one the most technically talented DJ's in the world. By 1999, Jeff began touring the worldwide circuit. Jeff has since performed in almost every major city in Europe, North America and Japan, spanning the globe, maintaining a rigorous tour schedule, DJ'ing and performing live at the world's finest venues in support of the music he loves. Jeff has since headlined alongside almost every prolific producer to have graced the electronic music stage in the past decade. Jeff's own musical compositions have also had considerable impact on the world and he is highly regarded as a musician as well as a DJ.

Jeff's DJ production work for +8, and loops on the first Serotonin Records (NYC) lockgroove compilations, were among the first released material under Jeff's "algorithm" moniker. Since then, Jeff has developed a long and impressive discography with numerous releases on a variety of international record labels over the past few years, including : Blank (Japan), !"@.*!% (Slovakia), Foundsound (USA), FAT32 (Japan), Tictactoe (Denmark) 240 Volts (UK), BipHop (France), Tongut (Switzerland), Transmediale (Germany), Background (Germany), NextDoor (Canada), Onitor (Germany), Mutek (Canada), Sublime (Japan), Moorroom (Italy), Traum (Germany), Force Lab (Germany), Force Inc. (Germany), Revolver Canada (Canada), E.R.A. (Canada), Tone (Canada), Blue (Canada), Silver (Belgium), +8 (Canada), Switch (Canada/USA), Serotonin (USA). Jeff's last full length album project, "Composure" (Force Inc., Germany) features Jeff's recomposed work of some of the world's most prolific artists including : Farben (Klang Elektronik), Matmos (Bjork), Kid 606 (Tigerbeat), Sutekh (Context), Twerk (Force Inc.), Safety Scissors (Proptronix) and Donacha Costello. Jeff is currently working on collaborative projects with Mike Shannon (Cynosure), Fenin (Shitkatapult), Mikael Stavostrand (Sunset Diskos) and Appendix Shuffle (Adjunct).

Jeff spends considerable time on top of his tour and production schedule curating his imprint, Revolver Canada Recordings, which he founded in 1999. The first 12" EP on Revolver (written by Jeff and former label mate Robin Roy) was met with high critical acclaim worldwide, leading to Jeff's first European tour alongside friend and future label mate, Cynosure's Mike Shannon. Over the years, Revolver Canada has released an impressive catalog, primarily consisting of Canadian artists including Montreal's Akufen, The Mole, Mike Shannon and Deadbeat, Toronto's Tomas Jirku and Pan/tone, and Kitchener's, Jay Hunsberger. Revolver has also collaborated with various prolific international artists with remix work appearing by artists like Shaka (Switzerland), Perlon's Dimbiman (Germany), Sud Electronic's Portable (South Africa), Boxer Recordings Frank Martiniq (Germany), Foundsound's Someone Else (USA), Sud Electronic's Akiko Kiyama (Japan), Swayzak's James Taylor (France), Force Inc.'s Geoff White (USA), Proptronix's Safety Scissors (USA), and the list continues to grow. Recently, newcomers like America's James Thomason and Japan's Mitsuaki Kumamora have graced the label with solo EP's. Revolver Canada has given many Canadian and international artists considerable global exposure and has substantially raised the profile of Canadian electronic music. Revolver is widely regarded worldwide as one of Canada's most important and influential electronic music labels. Jeff applies the same rigorous integrity to his DJ selections and his productions as he does to his label, always choosing uncompromising artists and unique tracks which transcend the restraint of genre. Jeff has always had a policy of setting trends, never following them. Currently, Jeff moonlights between Toronto, Canada and Berlin, Germany where he manages the European side of Revolver Canada and Cynosure.


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MagneticNorth December '08

with special guest

Misstress Barbara

She's a licensed pilot with a degree in communication studies specializing in cinema, a passion for interior design and an unfulfilled childhood dream of becoming an actress. If she's not riding her Ducati Monster 620 Dark motorcycle, snowboarding, indulging her passion and love for cooking and great food, she can be found DJing Techno at a packed nightclub in a cosmopolitan city somewhere around the globe. She's known internationally in the music industry as Misstress Barbara, an alias she concocted for herself by combining the words 'miss' with 'stress'. Born in 1975, this Sicilian-turned-Montrealer always knew she had a knack for producing evocative and innovative music. Growing up with a cultured musical palate that included salsa, bossa nova, foho, latino, pop and rock, Misstress Barbara fused her sharp melodic instincts with influences from these diverse genres and channeled the product into the electronic medium. Although notorious for her consistently "hard" beats, her music has evolved stylistically from a self-described "funky pumpin' techno" vibe to one which she feels is more "groovy, techy and minimal". The flavor of Misstress Barbara's craft, however, is in perpetual motion as she continually pushes her own artistic boundaries in search of the next unique sound.

Kicking off her music career at age 12 as a drummer in local bands, Misstress Barbara immediately became absorbed by classic rock, punk and hard music. In 1994, her discovery of the electronic music scene prompted her to toss her drumsticks, buy 2 turntables and a mixer and learn the art of DJing. In 1996, she scored her first booking and hasn't looked back since. Over the years, Misstress Barbara has worked with several internationally acclaimed musicians, DJ's, and record labels, has created her own label "ITURNEM", and has licensed her music to the videogame and film industries. In 2001 Barbara received the SODEC prize at the annual MIMI's (International Initiative Montreal's Music); as well as 'Best Breakthrough Underground DJ' at 2003's UK Underground Music Awards.

Consistent with the metamorphosis of her music, Misstress Barbara continues to challenge herself professionally by seeking out new vehicles for her music. At the beginning of 2007, the tragic passing of a close family member sparked yet another transformation; Misstress Barbara began to write and compile lyrics. Throughout all of 2007 she has worked diligently in her studio in Montreal to mold and shape the new direction she is heading. In 2008, the release of her first artist album will see Barbara step out from behind the turntables and in front of a microphone as she sings a majority of all the vocals, with collaborations from the likes of The Brazilian Girls, and many others. The addition of singer to her artistic resume is just another highlight to her already long list of achievements. STAYED TUNED!!!



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MagneticNorth January '09

with special guest

Nicky Delgado

Nicky Delgado is a well-renowned and respected DJ name in the house music industry. His signature sound, which laces classic and progressive beats together with sexy tribal and Latin flavors, has propelled him to the forefront of the local house scene twice over: first in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, and more recently in Vancouver, British Columbia.

As well as holding down residencies at the cityfs hottest venues such as the Lotus in previous years and now the Red Room, Delgado has opened for an impressive list of world-famous DJs, including Sasha, Digweed, Tiesto, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Sander Kleinenberg, Danny Howells, and, very recently, Dubfire of Deep Dish. In addition, he has played all over the world including shows in the UK, Australia, the US, Mexico, South America and, of course, all over Canada.

Delgado is now being noticed as an up-and-coming producer as well. His tracks have enjoyed numerous chartings by the aforementioned Cattaneo as well as world-wide radio play on his radio show. As a DJ, Delgado is well-established with a large local and a growing international following. As a promoter, he is a local industry heavyweight and mastermind behind what has become the single busiest house night in Vancouver, Believe the Red Room, which boasts weekly line-ups of top-drawer local DJfs playing to an eclectic mix of patrons every Saturday night.

All that and the man is showing no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, we expect an even brighter and more exciting future from the multi-talent phenomenon that is Nicky Delgado.


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MagneticNorth February '09

with special guest

Jeremy Conrad Rogers

Jeremy Conrad Rogers was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1980 and now resides in Stoney Creek, Ontario. He is known for his unique deep, dark, bang'n, dirty sounds, ranging from techno to deep chuggy progressive to tech-house. His productions appear on the world renowned Global DJ Broadcast by Markus Schulz and on the notorious Hernan Cattaneo's Sequential radio shows. His own DJ sets have been profiled on Proton Radio and Frisky Radio shows to name a few.

He's hit the well known Balance Chart twice in 2008 along with being played and charted by such major players as; Moshic, Ozgur Can, Andy Moor, M.I.K.E, Martin Garcia, Andrew K, Luca Ricci, Opencloud, Deep Mariano, Clubbervision, Chris Cargo and D-Formation - to name a few. He has remixed established producers such as Cevin Fisher, Luca Ricci, Genderfix, and JELO along with cranking out some top notch original productions. Conrad has dropped some heavy releases in 2008 with his most recent one reaching the Beatport Progressive House chart just days after release. Conrad's productions and remixes can be found on major labels such as Proton Music, Aenaria Recordings, Existence Records, Bugeyed, Feralcode, Tigereye Recordings. 2009 will bring some interesting collab work with good friend Luca Ricci, Sound Diffusion, and Opencloud.


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MagneticNorth March '09

with special guest


These are the sounds of the infamous D-Unity duo Damians Jacuk & Strak. The duo hail from Canada and their sound is like none other.

Progressive tribal house and Techno is synonymous with the D-Unity sound. These two hard-working Europeans even have their own 2 digital record labels, Beat Therapy Records, which is distributed world wide though sites such as Beatport.com and also are both co-owners of Dark Room Records (Artist development ? time permiting). They are constantly producing tracks, which are charting in top tens all over the world and receiving heavy Industry recognition.

With a unique resonance unlike the standard Canadian DJ sound, D-Unity dare to delve deeply into the crevasse of the underground and deliver hard-edge bass driven beats with a side order of Iberican sound and a certain element of eeriness wit Techno influenced sets that will easily keep you glued to the dance floor until dawn.

BOOKINGS: Canada - Raquel Richards - raquel@scenestermag.com, 416.839.8522USA/Europe - info@beattherapyrecords.com


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MagneticNorth April '09

with special guest

Tricky Moreira

For over a decade, Dj Tricky Moreira has been a key figure in the Toronto house music scene, playing flawless sets at hundreds of local & international events across North America, Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. As an official Ministry Of Sound DJ in Toronto, Moreira's technical knowledge and ability to manipulate music & sounds through turntable tactics & brilliant musical programming has enabled him to be recognized world-over for his talents.

Tricky's appreciation for music began in early 80's. While aspiring to be a choreographer, he put together a break-dance & rap crew in 1987 under the name Critial Stepp with original memebers who are currently influential in the local music scene. "I used to put together the music for our performances, mixing from tape to tape, phonograph to tape, you know - original skills - thought out processes. Dj'ing was still a new thing back then. You had a lot of leeway in creating new styles, cuts, & scratches. I played everything back then, musical ranges from hip hop, rnb & funk to reggae & soca - of course house music was always a my major influence - mixing, scratching, & breaking down music intellectually always had a major influence on me, period". Tricky's ability to manipulate and transform music led him to the development of WFP Studios where he began producing music for his now international record label, Blue Elephant Recordings. Tricky's music has been distrubuted from coast to coast, and has landed spots on other international radio shows such as BBC Radio One's The Essential Mix Show. Moreira's remix of Jully Black's "Sweat Of Your Brow" for Univeral Music won him Best Dance/Electronic Song Of The Year at the 2005 CUMA's (Canadian Urban Music Awards).

With a Diploma in broadcasting and serious skills that pay the bills behind the decks, Toronto's hit radio station FLOW 93.5FM boasts Tricky Moreira as one of their burgeoning Dj's & On-Air Personalities for good reason. Moreira's show, 'This House', keeps the station's listeners up til the early hours catching an earful of beautifully mixed Deep, Tribal, Classic, and originally remixed House Music. Tricky throws in the occasional funk & disco track over raw beats - & also manipulates urban tracks to fit over house rhythms. His guests include a slew of local and internationally acclaimed Dj's, producers, vocalists & artists. 'This House' has been recognized worldwide for over 3.5 years.

"I have an incredible desire to succeed, coupled by an instinctive nature to dissect music. That's my trick..."


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MagneticNorth May '09

with special guest

Jonny White

In a few short years Jonny White has stepped up to become one of the leading players in Canadian dance music, true he has been a local promoter for over a decade but his move into the world of DJfing and his role as both producer and label boss have seen him rapidly rise to the forefront of the international scene. His label, No19 has seen him releasing music from the likes of DJ Sneak, Stacey Pullen & Jamie Jones alongside his own productions whilst his club nights have brought such luminaries as Carl Craig and Peace Division to his home town of Toronto.

White has managed to combine a number of roles since he first started as a promoter back in 1997 and it is possibly this that has given him such great insight into what does and doesnft work musically. He was greatly influenced by Torontofs club scene in the mid nineties, especially the now legendary Industry, where he was to find such passion for the electronic sound and also form lasting friendships with key players such Kenny Glasgow who is now one of Whitefs production partners. From his early days putting on local parties he soon became entranced with the performance side of the business and within a few short years had landed a residency at hotspot eThe Guvernmentf. Associations with Torontofs Legendary YYZ entertainment ensued and after hooking up with his now business partner Nitin the pair soon found themselves residents for all the companies much lauded events and on several house and techno bills weekly.

Whilst things were developing at a steady rate on the DJ front, White began to take an interest in the recording and production side of things. He joined forces with James Teej who had recently moved across the country to be in Toronto and soon the pair were working full time together in the studio. The first fruit of their labours was the eMusique Noiref single, released along side Whitefs first original solo production gFull Nighth which was rapidly snapped up by Kenneth Broxgaard for release on the impressive Connect Four label. The musical partnership between White and Teej was to endure and their names have now become inextricably linked as a mark of quality in underground music.

Back in the club, things were hotting up. Jonny White was asked to hold a 5am residency at David Moralesf Sonic Nightclub and offers began to flood in for guest slots across Canada and beyond. Spots at international festivals such as Ultra in Miami, DEMF and BPM in Mexico further established Whitefs position as a force to be reckoned with. Moving residencies from Sonic to the much hailed Peter Gaishenfs Circa Nightclub Jonny also began playing regularly for Adam Gillsf Embrace Entertainment along side friends MANDY, Audiofly & Damian Lazrus.

The story from here centres round the meteoric rise of No.19, the label and events company that is now the backbone of Whitefs entertainment business. Agent Jazz Spinder and Embrace Ent worked alongside Jonny to bring some of the most exciting nights the city had ever seen, bringing in heroes of house and techno such as Stacey Pullen, MANDY, Carl Craig and Peace Division. The No19 label was soon to follow and drew instant international attention with its mix of exciting fresh talent and established hard hitters. Whitefs vision for No.19 saw Torontofs finest rubbing shoulders with names such as DJ Sneak, Stacey Pullen, Justin Drake and Nick Holder, instantly creating a new found respect for Torontofs underground, and international praise for White. Add to this the musical talents of Kenny Glasgow, Glimpse, Daso, and Whitefs own original productions and you can see why No19 became an instant must have label for DJs across the globe.

Outside of No.19 White has managed to find time to run the up and coming My Favorite Robot label as well as recording music for the superb Hypercolour label and providing remixes the likes of Akbal Music.

There can be no doubt that Jonny White is in his ascendancy.

Drawing on his knowledge as promoter, DJ, artist and label boss he is climbing a seemingly effortless path to the summit of the scene and on his journey is providing some of the most exciting music and clubbing experiences out there. As dance music continues on its journey of reinvention it takes individuals like White and his knowledge, passion and talent to keep the fires burning brightly.


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MagneticNorth June '09

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Busting out of Russia and moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2000, Dmitry Meshcheryakov aka DEEMAH has since become the east coast's biggest name in house music. His prolific work ethic and unstoppable talent means new tracks and remixes are always on the go, not to mention other musical projects. Aside from accolades for his original compositions and remix work from many DJs and producers the world over, Deemah has had his tracks featured on such prestigious labels as Om Records, Toronto's Bug Eyed Records,Slush Recordings, Chicago's D'lectable Records, Hardplace Records,(US), Belgium's' Soul Heat Records among others. He has won several remix competitions including first place in Future Music Magazine's Kill Bill Remix Contest, turning Tomoyasu Hotei's "Battle Without Honor Or Humanity" into a massive funky house track.

Also, DJ Dan and The Project unanaimously chose Deemah's 4 different house mixes all as their first place choices in their remix contest hosted by sceneremix.com in 2006. Over the last 2 years Deemah's been working with SoulHeat records. In 2008, track "Guess" (JedSet remix) , released on Soulheat reaches No. 1 spot in Japan (digital) , No. 7 on Juno d'loads. Plus, Deemah's recent remix of a house music legend Byron Stingily's song " 100% stalking you ( there was a time)" is available on traxsource.


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MagneticNorth July '09

with special guest


Persian born Joubin has been a force in Montreal's late night scene for years and is currently resident DJ at Stereo Montreal, mixing his signature dirty beats and hypnotic electronic riffs that get everyone on the dance floor all night. He also routinely performs alongside some of the biggest names in the music biz, whether at Stereo or other major venues in Montreal or abroad.

Joubin is also a wizz in the studio and has been producing chart topping remixes for Chus & Ceballos, Victor Calderone, D-Formation, Lula, DJ Paulo, That Kid Chris, Carlos Fauvrelle, Midnight Society, and many more. He's continuing his stellar work with Chus & Ceballos for the second installment of the Stereo Sound CD thatfs slated to come out in April 2008 on Mile End Records (in partnership with Blended Productions) which will include some unreleased material of his own.

This DJ's influence is hardly contained in Montreal -- his tracks and remixes are frequently played by some of the hottest international DJ's including the afore-mentioned and also the likes of Danny Tenaglia, DJ Vibe, Tom Stephan (Superchumbo), Peter Rauhofer, Behrouz, Richie Santana, Saeed Younan, Palash, Jaimy, Luca Ricci, Peter Bailey, Simon & Shaker, Hector Romero, David Morales, John Creamer and Pete Tha Zouk to name a few.

Joubin is currently working on remixes for other high-profile artists, which are sure to chart high and land in every dance music fan's iPod.


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MagneticNorth August '09

with special guest

Kotov & Wilde

Formed in 2004 and now performing in the best venues in Toronto, with mere 10 years of experience in music production, Kotov and Wilde gained their break into the club scene through memorable and electric sets spun at the “Palazzo” club. This duo quickly secured a residency and started building a faithful following from early on.

In the first two years playing at a wide variety of well-known nights in Toronto in clubs such as The Docks, Cognac, The Guvernment and Hotel, Kotov and Wilde laid solid foundations and built their own trade mark of enthusiasm and style blended with encouraging energy.

In 2006 Kotov and Wilde played at the much respected open air “World Electronic Music Festival - WEMF” in Tweed where a much larger audience eagerly discovered this emerging talent. In the same year in between being invited for prestigious guest slots at the Lobby and Century rooms, they released 7 eclectic mixes across a broad electro spectrum demonstrating an increasing hunger to grow and develop.

With both, the crowds following and the critics starting to prick up their ears and take note, 2007 opened with the duo forming a partnership with “Kaboom Promotions”. From this followed a prolific year of productions and performances that took them as far afield as Eastern Europe and included slots at the State Theatre, The Guvernment, Level Complex, Privilege, 6 Degrees, The Docks and a phenomenally successful series of events hosted by the pair aptly named “VIP House”.

From intelligent to unique, through infectious to downright dirty if not pornographic baselines, Anatoliy and Andre by 2008 had come alive and could inject into any crowd that sense of occasion to burn a memorable night into the subconsciousness. Building on this ability the pair scorched a trail through Toronto’s nightlife with a residency at Guvernment, and regular appearances at Footwork, Hotel, and Comfort Zone, amongst many, consistently raising the bar, building the following and delivering the goods. With a relentless dedication they soon produced many great tracks within a year and now publish with numerous music labels across the world, including Rawthentic Music (Canada), Teggno (US), CTS Records (Ukraine) and 4PlayTrax (Canada).

Throughout 2008 and 2009, the duo began expanding their brand with Insomnia, and rocking such well known parties as Dance 2 Da Beat, Beats Ahoy, and Rehab. To accompany their growing success with live performances, Kotov and Wilde applied their strength, their grit, their unique take on how a beat should be delivered and spilled into tangible production results with a string of memorable releases. Amongst these were “Dynamite Worms EP”, “Lick the Frog” (Teggno’s Two Year Birthday Album) and hugely rated “’Dolls over Jungle” which gained support from Dubfire, and John Rundell. At the same time they gained airtime and recognition on Neil Moore’s Heavens Gate radio show (broadcast to an international audience), favorable mentions from Lance Blaise on Beatport, and remixes including Anthony Attalla (USA). They have attained top chart positions repeatedly with Beatport, with Mastiksoul’s charts (aka Fernando Figueira- UK) and the Canadian National Dance Chart (reaching no 22).

Having as much fun as the audiences they ignited, Kotov and Wilde clocked up unforgettable performances playing alongside Green Velvet, Honey Dijon, Max Graham, Alex Kenji, Misstress Barbara and many more industry’s best artists.

With more releases in the pipeline, and the phone constantly ringing for new bookings, the only thing Kotov and Wilde cannot generate in the next year is indifference. Catch them soon and discover new energy and enthusiasm.


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MagneticNorth October '09

with special guest

Noah Pred

Producing dance music and performing live for the past ten years, Noah Pred emerged from Vancouver's underground as a sought-after techno DJ with a sophisticated sound and unique style. Devoted to authentic and soulful strains of techno in all its permutations, Noah's sound continues to evolve while remaining firmly driven by the dancefloor.

Since his first records were released, his productions have received international support, garnering critical acclaim while moving dancefloors across the globe. As a DJ and live act, he's toured throughout Europe and North America, performing alongside such diverse artists as Josh Wink, Mathew Jonson, and James Holden. After a three-year stint in Montreal working for Consigned Recordings while holding a residency at Stereobar, Noah relocated to the West Coast to produce his field recording based techno full-length, ' Ecocosm', which was released on New Kanada in 2007.

Exploring his compositional versatility, Pred launched the Shen project in 2004. Geared towards digital downtempo, electronic dub and emotive IDM, Shen provided a creative outlet for productions that roam beyond the borders of clubland. Noah's debut Shen full-length, 'Outlines', was released on Native State in 2006.

Now based in Toronto - where he accepted a DJ residency with the Fukhouse crew - Noah's developed a loyal and devoted following for his potent DJ sets while running the digital imprint Thoughtless Music from his studio headquarters. His recent Thoughtless productions have been causing a buzz, and following high profile performances at this year's MUTEK and Decibel festivals, Noah's poised for exciting things in the year ahead - with his latest full-length 'Blind Alignments' out now on Thoughtless.


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MagneticNorth November '09

with special guest

Matt Herdman

Spawning from unassuming roots, the name Matt Herdman is one that has been popping up quite often on the radar of many electronic music enthusiasts, and artists alike, in the past year. The “small-town” Canadian knew at any early age that his passion for electronic music was more than a hobby, it was an obsession. This obsession grew into a desire for understanding as he became more and more immersed in what it meant to become a DJ, and ultimately a producer.

Growing up in a town outside of Windsor, Ontario with a miniscule population and an even smaller understanding of electronic music, Matt’s discovery of a sound that was “more appealing and expressive” began to take shape as he approached his late teens. By the time he reached 20, he sought out the tools and skills needed to become an electronic artist, instead of watching from the crowd. Consequently, purchasing turntables and learning to “DJ” didn’t quench his thirst for knowledge; he needed to know exactly how the music was made. Thus, Matt’s true development began as he discovered the technology behind EDM (electronic dance music) and started formulating his own collaborations with his music gear and his newfound love for production. While adding original elements that he had created himself to the music he was DJing, Matt found his calling and shortly thereafter began producing his own tracks. Ultimately, his focus on actually “creating” the music instead of simply “playing” it profoundly shaped the onset of the young artists’ career.

Inspired by artists such as Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, James Zabiela, and Oliver Huntemann, Matt began gaining confidence in his production as he incorporated it more often into his live sets. Interested to know how his work was measuring up to his influences, he sought one out at a local show. Living a short distance away in nearby London, Ontario, John Acquaviva had become a natural barometer for Matt’s progress as an electronic artist. Thus, when Matt slipped John a CD of some of his recent work, it undoubtedly became a pivotal turning point in his career. Impressed by what he heard, John soon asked Matt for additional tracks and signed his first work to one of the most credible electronic music labels in the industry, Definitive Records. With the initial release reaching the Top 100 Chart on the industry’s leading digital download website, Beatport.com, Matt knew this was no longer the “hobby” it started out to be.

Over the next year, Matt constantly kept up-to-date on the latest technology and various ways to differentiate himself and incorporate more of a “live” aspect into his sets. Using his laptop, external controllers and touch screen devices, Matt is one of the rare artists that is cognizant of the need to push his sound further. Recently he has performed with aforementioned artists John Acquavia and Oliver Huntemann, as well as acclaimed industry staples, Dubfire, Oliver Giacomotto, Paul Ritch, MSTRKRFT, Deadmau5, Delete (Sergio Munoz), Anthony Attalla, and MC Flipside. In addition, he was recently chosen single-handedly by Dubfire to open for his SCI+TEC label party at WMC (Winter Music Conference) 2009. His production can be frequently found amidst the Top 100 Charts at Beatport.com and he is a resident performer at local vestibules for EDM, Boom Boom Room (Windsor, Ontario) and Nove Lounge (Detroit, MI). Clearly, Matt Herdman is one to watch in 2009 and beyond.


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MagneticNorth December '09

with special guests

The Junkies

The Junkies style has continued to evolve over the years under the influence of various genres of electronic music, ranging from deep soulful house to techno and everything in between. Drawing from these has resulted in a sound of their own both in the studio and in their DJ sets. Itfs this sound that has made them a consistently present force in the Toronto club scene for over 10 years. Holding a residency at the legendary Guvernment Nightclub, keeps them educating the electronic faithful on a weekly basis in the undisputed capital of electronic music in Canada. This has given The Junkies an excellent platform to showcase their music, as well as play alongside some of the worldfs most respected artists including the likes of Steve Lawler, Dubfire and Loco Dice just to name a few.

Production and remix work have been fundamental in pushing them forward both as artists and DJfs. The duo just never seems to stop releasing and remixing tracks, which have gained much support from many of the worldfs top jocks. Attempting to the widen their horizon further, The Junkies are working on their own label imprint Local Music, which will feature music from many forward thinking artists including a few of their own hits.

2009 has been a great year for The Junkies recognizing their talents through a string of stellar releases and chart toppers; including the hugely successful D-Mode EP, a collaboration with Rawthentic Music head honcho Carlo Lio and their solo projects Ritmo and Quatro Uno Sei. Today one thing is clear, plenty more is still yet to come from The Junkies.


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MagneticNorth January '10

with special guest

Drasko V

As a composer, sound designer and an electronic music artist, Drasko touched upon many areas in the audio world. His experience ranges from remixing and collaborating with award-winning artists, to creating music and sound for interactive and advertising productions. Drasko was also the keynote speaker at prestigious seminars such as the GCFC Music for Moving Pixels Seminar, and presented at numerous musical workshops and presentations.

Drasko created music and sound content for agencies and brands such as: Aflac, Akron, American Airlines, Bitcasters, Bright Lights, Buffalo Bills, Cordon Media, Crash ! Media, 49ers, FC Dallas, Firstborn Multimedia, FedEx, Florida Marlins, GM, GROW Interactive, Hewlett-Packard, Hollywood Tycoon, Indusblue, K-Y Intense, IUGO Mobile Entertainment, Inter Casino, KTG, Madison Square Garden, Mario Haas, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Flyers, Ricoh-USA, Smirnoff, Signifi, TD Canada, Toyota, Web Designer, Wendy’s, Westin Hotels, Zoolook LLC. and more.