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Magik Johnson mix

dj gboogie

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26thcentury Exclusive Mix Vol 2

Dick "Magik" Johnson has become a staple among those DJs who like
their house music deep and funky.

He has been courted by revered labels including NRK, Bosh, Tango, End
Recordings, Paper and Nighshift, all with fabulous results. Now he has
his feet firmly under the table at Darren Emmerson´s Underwater, with
a superb double A-side single Malone/Jump due out in March.

Watch out for this one. It´s acidic and it´s going to blow!

Magik will be touring europe in june and july 2006 for his underwater
episode 5 mix with Darren Emmerson. We have a few free dates on
request, please contact us if you are interested in booking him.

In our series of exclusive Mix Sets, Magik has just delivered us VOL
2, ready for your listening pleasure…

www.26thcentury.net/promotion password: promo
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bah, he's going the way of so many top-quality producers who get signed to bigger labels and start making crap. the last few EP's i've heard of his are nothing but main room fodder

magk j is a sick producer, just wished he kept it deep & dirty like he used to. will check this mix though, of course, thanks for the link
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dude....I agree...I haven't been putting his stuff in my collection for a bit...........but this mix is great. didn't know he had some dj skills