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Madonna's summer tour


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Tour dates are going to be announced tomorrow.
*crosses fingers for Toronto show*
Time to start saving...


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WORD: I love Madonna! I can't wait!

I'm waiting........ if i miss those tickets.. I'm going to be so mad!


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Dates announced so far:
Luzhniki, Moscow, Russian Fed. 26.07.2006
Luzhniki, Moscow, Russian Fed. 27.07.2006
Saska Arena, Prague, Czech Republic 29.07.2006
Saska Arena, Prague, Czech Republic 30.07.2006
MEN Arena, Manchester, United Kingdom 12.08.2006
MEN Arena, Manchester, United Kingdom 13.08.2006
Earls Court, London, United Kingdom 15.08.2006
Earls Court, London, United Kingdom 16.08.2006
Earls Court, London, United Kingdom 17.08.2006
POP Bercy, Paris, France 26.08.2006
POP Bercy, Paris, France 27.08.2006
POP Bercy, Paris, France 28.08.2006
POP Bercy, Paris, France 29.08.2006
Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Netherlands 03.09.2006
Ernst Happel Stadion, Vienna, Austria 04.09.2006
Allianz Arena, Munchen, Germany 05.09.2006
Max Schmeling Halle, Berlin, Germany 08.09.2006
Koln Arena, Cologne, Germany 12.09.2006
Ataturk Olympic Stadion, Istanbul, Turkey 14.09.2006
Nokia Arena, Tel Aviv, Israel 17.09.2006

No North American dates yet...
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Madonna's Confession Tour dates were announced today:

North America:

May 21 Los Angeles Forum

May 27 Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena

May 30 San Jose HP Pavilion

June 5 Fresno Save Mart Center

June 8 Phoenix Glendale Arena

June 14 Chicago United Center

June 21 Montreal Bell Centre

June 25 Hartford Civic Centre

June 28 New York Madison Square Garden

June 29 New York Madison Square Garden

July 08 Boston TD Bank Garden

July 12 Philadelphia Wachovia Center

July 16 Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

July 22 Miami American Airlines Arena


July 30 Cardiff Millenium Stadium

Aug. 1 London Wembley Arena

Aug. 3 London Wembley Arena

Aug. 6 Rome Olympic Stadium

Aug. 20 Dusseldorf LTU Arena

Aug. 22 Hannover Niedersachsen

Aug. 24 Horsens (Denmark) Forum Horsens Outdoor

Aug. 27 Paris Bercy Stadium

Aug. 28 Paris Bercy Stadium

Sept. 3 Amsterdam Arena

Additional dates forthcoming

For Official Tour and Fan Club Information, visit: www.confessionstour.com

..."Additional dates forthcoming" - better = Toronto date being added or I'll be pissed.


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Didn't she have some sort of beef with Toronto? She's all like "No, I don't want your money" for some strange reason.
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marcinm said:
Didn't she have some sort of beef with Toronto? She's all like "No, I don't want your money" for some strange reason.
She sure took enough of it when she played here the last time... maybe she's just shoing YUL some love. Tho I'm continually amazed that she doesn't do a Vancouver show, she could sell out GM Place for a week.


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She doesn't have a problem with Toronto.
We tried to arrest her in 1991.

Would you want to come back here if they tried to pull this shit on you?
And we're not even that conservative here.

She has since been back here twice to play. And for TIFF.
I wonder why she skipped Toronto though. I mean, the shows sell out like crazy!
she heard i moved to montreal for school... sorry guys!

but i just sent her a message on myspace and told her im back in toronto, so she will see what she can do

(she is in my top8 so we are very close)


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What happened to Stereo?
And the smaller club dates?

BORING. I actually don't really care about this tour as much as ReInvention.
That was kickass.

This tour is gonna piss me off I think.
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something about the three tours in five years after eight years of not touring at all tells me that someone is terrified about the big FIVE-O coming up in just 29 months.


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something tells me that thumpr knows a little too much about, the`artist formally known as madonna'. <cue David Caruso at scene of the crime>

well, I've always wanted to check montreal out ---> go go like a prayer.
madonna may be approaching 50, but atleast she's not on her 5th "farewell" tour like cher

and anyway, i will go to a madonna concert even when she is 80 and crawling on the ground to a choreographed acoustic folk/rock version of "where's the party"

and paying $7000000 to see it.
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Thumpr said:
peko next time i see you in thread ender i'm going to sit on you and fart!
hee,hee, keep your kindergarten talk in the threadender thread ---> watch out for the man in the mask. *strike a pose*

go madonna go, please add Toronto to your rave train express stops.


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This gives me an excuse to take a trip to new york city this summer.
Pre-sale begins tomorrow.
*crosses fingers*
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