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Madonna Lovers


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I do this out of rage and a weird believe in karma....

The promoters of Madonna's tour have released new seats which means you can get wicked ass floor seating for face value. (eg. I looked up floor seats at NYC and they were available for July 2nd)

Which REALLY pisses me off after I paid more money for worse seats :( Someone go for god sake!


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ticketmaster is also coming up with a new way of making even more money off you

for the madonna tour, and others likewise popular, they are going to auction off some prime seats on their site


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Holy fawk dora......$354.50 a floor ticket? I've never paid that much even for a U2 ticket....

No disrespect girl.... but that's a wack of cash...


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they always do this whenever they finalize the seating plan after working out the final dimensions of the stage... Always obstructed views at the sides.