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Madlib mix!


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Hey kids,


Apparently, Madlib and J Rocc took over Gilles Peterson's spot on Radio 1 whilst he was away on tour in Australia (unfortunately i missed GP at the Good Vibrations festival... saw Blackalicious instead. good choice in my books). So that means there is a Madlib two hour mix somewhere out on the internet. I haven't heard it because unfortunatelly its past the 'listen again' stage on Radio 1, and good ol' Gilles is on the latest archive set. But I thought those of you who have soulseek out there would like to know about it. And if you find it, uh... anyone want to burn it and send it out to Australia for me? I knew you would, awww... yer so special. I'm glad I have someone like you in my life.

Ok, enough of that.

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