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Madame Zu @ Electric Eden


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Its Monday and I'm surprised nobody has posted a review of this party yet so I guess I'll get things started...

First off I was worried about the line up thing because it wasn't moving when we got to Palais around 11:30 but we quickly realized that security was letting a group of 20 or so at a time and we didn't have to wait that long so hats off to the security for having things well organized (even though they took my glowsticks & gum

Once inside my friends & I looked around to get ALL the rabbits names and get THAT over with but we didn't win the turntables (Anybody know who won???)...The organizers did an awesome job with the decor and the little things like the Tarot card readings, massage and the COFFEE....yumyum....

As for the music?...well I wasn't disappointed in the least...Lady B just made my heart POUND when she played "Energy 52" by Cafe Del Mar...Its been I looong time since I've heard that track anywhere...great job QT
....I just LOVED the tunes that LYPHE was spinning and the smooth transition into Madame Zu's set...She kicked ASSSS and I got to meet her afterwards with an autograph and a pic (Thanx Natalie
).Madame Zu was very friendly and sweet to everyone that came up to her and chatted with her....very classy...

Anyway I was glad my friends Mat & Karen, Lloyd, Pet (wunderfly) & Marcus were there along with Natalie who took the pix...I was SOO glad to see Omari & Dean there too...THAT was a great surprise....Boris U DE MAN, great to see ya there too....We ALL had a great time

The ONLY thing that was shitty was that I parked west of Sunnyside pool and we got TOTALLY fucking soaked by the time we got to my car
...what the fuck was that monsoon all about....and in late November
...well I guess its one of those moments that will make this party even more memorable...


Musical Rush

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Yes indeed what a wicked party,the vibe was there from the begining and never left us.Madam Zu was just solid,she kept me going for the whole 2 hrs she played.Security was very tight,it looked like they had 2 different companies there just to keep things safe.The sound was just pounding ,when you stood in a spot you felt the floor vibrating.

Can't wait till there next party cus there parties feel like the past ,everybody was there just to have a good time,there was no assholes trying to cause trouble which was a nice change for once.

So thank you for a good time and see you in the future forsure.The music never slowed down just the way I like it.



Thanks for the positive feedback! We had a ton of fun throwing the party and couldn't have asked for a better vibe.

Props go out to each of the DJ's as well as the tangerine gurls that helped create the great vibe throughout the evening. Thanks also to our tarrot reading gurls and Donnie and Dave who ran an amazing coffee bar ( what a huge success! ). A million other people to send shout outs too, but mostly the partiers that came together ( about 950 strong ) to create an amazingly intimate and truly memorable evening!

Sarah was the gurl that took home two brand new Technics 1200's ( and it was her first party too! ). Congrats gurl and enjoy!

Lost and Found:
If you lost a black watch, then go to Sparkles booth cause they had one turned in at the end of the night ( you'll have to let them know what brand name it is to claim it of course ).

Also, we have a set of keys. If nobody emails us in a couple of days, we'll pop them in the mail since they have a tag.

Peace all and thanks for a great night!
The DT Crew,
Lyphe, LadyB & Smokin'Jo



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Congrats DT Krew!! Great party, wicked high energy tunes, and an awesome feel-good vibe straight through the night!

On my way down via TTC I ran into some party kids on the street car and we crossed the bridge together - there was no security on the bridge when we crossed at 9:45 but we didnt run into anybody, so all's good... anyhow I did see two security guys go up just after... and I didnt hear of anybody having any problems on the bridge - so way to go DT for keeping us safe! In fact, I didnt hear of ANY partiers being robbed or anything - YAY! That makes me SO happy!

The line up was pretty huge when we got there... but like rob said it was moving really fast. The security were quite decent, collected and organized. They conducted all the searches inside downstairs and had enough searchers to keep the line moving quickly. And the oranges were SWEET! Thanks!

Tho nice try on the security for trying to make us check all coats, bags etc - for 4$ per item! lol... nice try.

The set up inside was very cool... the 8' steel link fence around the stage was an surprise and totally trippy with the lights coming through from behind (you kno when you look at a street light through tree branches and it seems like the branches go all circular around the light...well with the lights coming from behind the fence... uhm ya it was definately different and a cool idea) anyhow.. and the two girls in there being body painted! nice! the guy on the left side was fucken wicked! tho I wouldnt have wanted to be those girls having to stand still for so long

I was surprised to see the dj booth down on the dancefloor! So intimate! and I was even more surprised that there were not a ton of problems with skipping and jumping needles and whatnot...

the MUSIC! wow! so many great tunes!! seemed like a little bit of everything... tho the drum playing dude was getting on my nerves after a while - was he wearing a mask?? if not that guys face was totally freaky...

there was the perfect amount of space to dance... not too much traffic... it was perfect! (little hot tho but thats mostly my own fault for wearing a long sleve shirt - NEVER again - duh) All the djs did a fantastic job... so connected to the crowd... a perfect ride. LadyB, Jason & Lyphe u guys are amazing! You perfectly set the vibe and hyped the crowd for Zu. When Madame Zu came up for her set and answered everyone's cheers by flaring her hair up with her arms and with this wicked smile on her face... OMG I melted. HUGE respect for this woman who hung out forever after her set talking to people and signing stuff and taking pictures... I didnt go up and talk to her cuz I was way way to sweaty and messy (and shy) but friends who did said she asked everyone their name and was very very cool.

I didnt go for a Tarot reading (long wait) - but a 15 min massage for 1$!!! no way was I missing out on that... and wow - she was so good!! That vibrating bug thing put me on another planet!! GUYS we need to have a masseuse at every party!!

I cant say enough good things about this party... the coffee towards the end of the night was just what I needed... and there were lots of places to sit... too bad about the rain - but I'm so happy they kept the patio open all night - it's what kept me from truly melting for sure.

THANK YOU Nat for the ticket! Wicked bday present! And Marcus! what a sweetheart... check this out - he brought me a little silver sparkly box purse filled with candy, gum, vicks, suckers, lip balm and stuff - and he had Zu sign it "happy birthday Petra - Love Madame Zu" how cool is that!?!?! LOVE YOU!

Rob - thanks for the ride dude - even tho we had to walk/swim thro the rain to get to it - better than walking the whole way! it didnt suck that bad - and in no way did it ruin my night. Lloyd, Matt, Karen, Omari, Dean, Rick, Sean, Christine, Christina, Christine (ya I met 3 of them lol) and everyone I met WICKED partying with all of you.

Till next time!!



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Wanted to go, but due to circumstances beyond my control I missed it,
from everything I've heard it was a great party and I’m sure the vibe was amazing. ( cause of all the positive people involved
) Grrrrrrrr I will definitely try to be at the next one.
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Got to the party at around 4:00am along with St. Pete and after venturing into the Palais the set up was quite different than any other party I've been to at this venue, you can tell there was an immense effort put into the whole production by ACS and the DT crew. On to the tunes, this was my first time seeing the infamous Madam Zu and let me tell ya she didn't dissapoint at all.....her mixing was top notch and her track selection was amazing as well. Following her was Smokin' Joe and man did he ever rip it up.....hard banging techno, and there couldn't have picked a better DJ to close off the party than St. Pete....perfect morning Trance. All in all a very well organized party, props to the DT crew (Lyphe, Smokin' Joe, & Lady B).

Peace from the 416 Crew,
Eugene, Rob & Will.


We will also try and put up some pictures in this thread over the next week as they come it

Peace all!
Lypheyboy & the DT crew



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by robg1138:
Lady B just made my heart POUND when she played "Energy 52" by Cafe Del Mar...Its been I looong time since I've heard that track anywhere...great job QT

Congradulation to you lady B.
Nice to read about old skool ravers
starting to get noticed & dJing @ parties.

best of luck to you brandy.. miss you tons.


As promissed, here are a few pics from the party! More at DigitalTangerine.com, and we'll keep adding them as we get 'em!!

Peace all from the DT Crew ~
Lyphe, LadyB & Smokin'Jo






PS - Marty, Carey ( LadyB ) says thanks!
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