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Mad Mark Scaife @...


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Phoenix Roller Skating Rink in Waterloo, ON this Saturday (April 27th, 2002).

I'm not a promoter, so I figured I'd just post this the prog forum...

Don't let the name of the place throw you off. The venue holds 1500 in the main room and 500 in the back room. This is going to be a reocurring Saturday night and if all goes well, eventually a proper club. This is THE ONLY place in the K-W area that's fully licensed and goes until 6 AM!!!! All of you local yocals should come out and support the K-W scene for once.

Tim Vizzo will be opening as well as a few others too (I may make a few impromptu appearances throughout the night). I'll update you on who else as soon as I get a flyer in my hands.

Jay K.

PS - last time Mark was here it was a scorcher!