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Mad Bar's new renovation

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by MoFo, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    I went tonight to see my "boy" tonight (he's the promoter for the Thursday night) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new renovation has paid off.

    It seems like the layout has been redesigned to accomadate the dancers. That annoying couch is gone (thank God) and there's way more room. And speakers directed at the floor = mad basslines. Nice work.

    The colour schemes are also quite nice (pink lights, white walls and slick furnishings) so it's not much of an eye-sore.

    I would strongely suggest everyone to go check out Alchemy, Orange Richie and the DUKES next Thursday. I can see a wicked party happening there.

    Anyone else check it out recently?
  2. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    Breakfest reopening is happening there this sunday.
  3. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    At Mad Bar? That would be awesome. Wanna go?
  4. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    i'll c how h/w goes

    i'll call u if i will
  5. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    I went there last week and I have to say that I had a good time and I did like the new look.

    jeremy -more my style- jive
  6. ChROmE

    ChROmE TRIBE Member

    We hosted a night there last Friday for the Suke Puke and the place does look a gazillion times better.

    And dont kiss the giant Butt Plug couch good bye, because it is still alive and has been re-upholstered to fit the new decor.


    ChRoMe BAr
  7. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Really? I didn't see it.

    You think it looks like a buttplug? LOL.
  8. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    if any ye be interested in going next thursday says I, send ye mail hither: guestlist@2ammusic.com arrrrrggh.

    Peace & love. D
  9. orange richie

    orange richie TRIBE Member

    Both of the DJ booths are fucking awesome. The way a DJ booth should be!

    Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...


    yes [​IMG]
    and Sunny we are so going next week.
  11. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    count me in for next week.

    anything to see my boys Derrek, Richie Rich and the Dukes play. It has been too long.

    LO shall it be a date???


    it is a date Jo....Lo-Jo back in action!!!
  13. mutslaster

    mutslaster TRIBE Member

    ooh ooh--
    i wanna go too!
    lojo call me
  14. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    YAH !!! Oh sara... you will get a call for sure.
  15. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Omg, I couldn't even get up this morning. I was late for class. WHY THURSDAY? Eeeeee...

    But I'm still going. [​IMG]
  16. JayBrain

    JayBrain TRIBE Member

    I used to spin there when they first opened up.. Jamie C and I. Does Brian McNeil still promote there? he's from up here in Lindsay
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    renovations look dope...
    nice sound....

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