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mad bar


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kick ass, ended up there with vinder and basketballjones(best guy ever) after raver goo totally bailed at the velvet underground.
breaks room was going off, such a good time, dude even played grooveyard -watch me now
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such a decent night.
it was nice that the breaks were in the big room

lots of good tunes got played through out the night
girls breakout, take it to the floor, touch your toes, you're wrong... that one was so good loud

the end was definitley the best part of the night though
i don't think i could have stopped dancing even if i wanted to


thnx guys!
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Good times, Thanks to D-Monic for creating a time capsule inside mad bar.
" let me hear you say...brrrr "
Couldn't go wrong for a fiver. Wicked time.