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Macworld Keynote 2004

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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so far

- Final Cut Express (lite version of pro) - updated to Panther
- G5 XServe
- 30 million songs purchased through iTMS - 70% market share
- MS Office 2004 announced
- iLife 04 - iTunes 4.2, iPhoto 4, iMovie 4 new versions.
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Garage Band!!!!

-64 tracks
-50 Instruments
- built in soundtrack
- Record Live Performances
- 200+ effects
- Vintage Amps


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Any word on the class action lawsuit due to the defective motherboards?
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post it here - we'll see if it's the actual item. (there's a lot of ideas floating around the web...)
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jobs @ macworld:
"So, the iPod. Now I want to go back to this market share data. I want to drill down into this a little more. Now, we look at this, and the iPod has the 31% marketshare. What's the rest? The big chunk is flash... about 60% of that. 30% are Flash players between $100-$200. Equal 30% that's under $100. We looked at this high end flash market and we want to go after that. The under $100 flash players get put into a drawer since they don't hold enough songs.

Also these players have a bad user interface.

We are going to introduce the second member of the iPod family today. to go after these guys. It's called the iPod Mini.

Instead of 256MB, it's got 4000MB (or 4GB). Instead of 60 songs, it holds 1000 songs. It is half the thickness of these other MP3 players. And we are going to sell it for $249."
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it's not 199US, it's $249 US...what a joke.

15 gig ipod for 299US, or this 4gig piece of crap for $249...what are they thinking...


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I saw it in the address....

it's the size of a biz card, and 1/2" thick
ipod interface
4 colors
blue, pink, green, and gold....
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