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Mac Os X

Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
Is anyone else running OS X? Any thoughts? Any softwarez you wanna share?

I've mirrored it on my mac and I have to say its nice. Looks a hell of a lot better than OS 9 but none of my programs run on it.

jeremy -Mac (intosh) Daddy- jive


TRIBE Member
I've been running it since 10.1 came out and it's been just _fine_. I think OS X itself has crashed twice in that time. I've gotten to the point where I have maybe two or three applications that require Classic (OS9) and everything else is OS native.

Only thing I'm waiting for is Photoshop 7 (beta is out already) and Quark Xpress.

All in all, totally cool. Most stable OS I've ever used.


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TRIBE Member
I have os x :)

The only annoying part about it is I have to run the classic environment for photoshop, audiogalaxy and toast. It's not that big a deal though, so meh?

I love it..



TRIBE Member
i've been using OS X since november and it's a damn slick OS. it takes a while to get everything you want on it running the way you want.
for software go here:

Photoshop is available and i've been using it in beta form for a few months now and it works nicely. you'll have to jump on the IRC channels or an ftp to grab it.

Audiogalaxy is available through Sputnix or MacSatellite - check versiontracker.com for them.

i'm not sure about Toast, but i think it's available on OS X as well.

iTunes and iPhoto work flawlessly with my iPod and digital camera. no issues of drivers or incompatibility and the software is nice and easy to use.

Jeremy: what kinda machine did you get?

Anyways, enough from me. If you want to ggrab some apps let me know, i'll fill you in on some details on irc and an ftp site.

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