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MAC Operator 1 year contract - 39K


TRIBE Member
Anyone out there interested or know of anyone that would be a good fit? Send me a PM.

The Macintosh Operator is accountable to the Manager of Publications, and, working in conjunction with the Production Coordinator and the Senior Director, Communications and Design Services, is responsible for the electronic typesetting and design of print communication products, including the Medical Review, Membership Updates, and other member communications and promotional material. The Macintosh Operator also provides administrative support for the many production and advertising processes related to the Medical Review and communicates with commercial printers and mailing houses to ensure prompt and efficient turnaround of production jobs.


The Macintosh Operator will:

· Perform electronic typesetting and design of communication and promotion materials (e.g., Medical Review, Membership Updates)

· Co-ordinate internal requests from staff for the design, typesetting and production of program materials.

· Co-ordinate external production/mailing of print communication materials.

· Maintain production files for communication vehicles (backup documentation, cost quotes, photos, etc.).

Education/Credential: 3 year college degree in graphic arts, print production technology, communications,
or equivalent.

Experience: 3 years experience, preferably in a communications department of a large
organization or trade journal/publishing environment.

Other Skills: Sound knowledge of electronic layout and design software (Mac OSX, Quark Xpress 4.0 and 6.0, Acrobat, Photoshop, etc.), and word processing software (Microsoft Word) on Macintosh publishing system. Sound knowledge of pre- and post-production procedures and printing schedules.