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MAC HELP - a full startup disk


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i keep getting a warning dialogue box that says

"Your start-up disk is full."

Halp! How do i make it un-full?

Your help is much appreciated.

~ Jess
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oh toro

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keep in mind that you should have at least 2GB of free space on your hard drive otherwise the OS can crash (if it runs out of swap file space) and/or you will have problems creating/copying/etc files. best practise is to have 20% of your filesystem free.

if you didn't fill it up "yourself" the only other possibility is if you have a log file that grew out of control and consumed massive amounts of disk space. you'll need to find the file(s) and delete them. you may have to do so from the command shell in Terminal.

anyways, first download omni disksweeper and find out what file(s) are the culprits (I'm assuming they're log files).


once you find the log files, delete them (will probably require sudo or root access).

as to why some log files grow out of control... well... ask the sw developer why they write bad software. i do know that some 3rd party keyboard drivers have been known to cause this issue.

whatever the case, jot down the file name(s) and go from there.


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just delete a bunch of old unwanted files that take up a lot of space. You should also back up stuff you don't want to delete, and you don't use frequently.