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Mac & dropped airport signals


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So I've had my G5 since August 2005, everything working fine until last Monday...

I have 3 computers in my house. 1 upstairs connected to the cable modem, 2 in the basement (side by side), 1 mac, 1 PC. Both computers in the basement use wireless devices to connect to the internet. Mac uses the Airport Extreme and the PC uses a wireless USB something or other. The computer upstairs is connected to a netgear MR814v2 router.

As I mentioned, everything was fine until last Monday when the Mac started to lose signal strength, until eventually, it dropped all together.

What's happening??

Some points:

The PC on the wireless network is still working at full strength.

Nothing has changed in the house, ie; position of anything, new appliances, etc.

The airport card is inserted correctly.

No new firmware for the router.

I've moved the G5 to other areas where reception should be better, but no luck.

I've unplugged the router, modem, computers, etc and plugged them back in again.

I've changed the channel on the router and reset to default settings.


Power Mac G5, Dual 2GHz Mac OS X (10.4.2)
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I tried the apple forum...seems like everyone and their wireless mother is having the same problem!!
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