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Mac compatible mp3 players?


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Just looking into this for a friend. Obviously there are the ipods, but what other mp3 players are availble for mac users? Looking for something in the 512MB range.

*edit* I know what you're thinking.. "Not another mp3 player thread!!"
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a: Get an iPod, seriosuly, I've tried the iriver, the zen, the samsung, etc, etc, etc, and really - the iPod is the best.
b: Or, get one that does NOT need any special software to run it, and is simply seen as a mass storage device when you connect it to your computer

but really, just get an iPod.


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yeah there really is no point to getting something else.

The new ipod nano is so cool, updates to any playlist you want in itunes, updates calendar info and contact info with your mac and you can put photos on it too.

I just got one and its absoultely the best thing ever.
Plus chics really dig it and think its sexy


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Originally posted by beaker
i think most of them would be mac compatible as long as they function as a usb drive.
Yah, pretty much.

And I like how the guy asks about 512MB players, yet all you Mac-bots still recommend iPods.

Something like this from MPIO would be perfect. We just got a friend this for her birthday and it's awesome...great sound, nice aluminum finish, cool interface, and it's Mac-compatible.

Bought it at Best Buy for a pretty damn good price too.


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just buy an ipod shuffle, as a mac user you won't be able to figure out how to use anything else anyway.


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if you get a new ipod make sure you have a new(er?) mac os.. my friend bought one of those new style picture ones and had to return it because it wouldn't work on his osx g3 because he doesnt have os tiger or whatever its called.... i thnk he ended up getting one of those $299 refurb jobbies from factory direct and it works fine..

TaCk OnE?

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the art director at my studio got the nano already, it's suuuuuper small....personally four gigs is for children and the deaf, I need more storage...but it's sexy as hell...and solid state, which can only work in your favour.

I'm happy with my 20 gig photo....

and no matter what apple haters say, I've yet to see an mp3 player with a better interface than the new ipods....