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M1 - Robopop


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I just wanted to start this thread as an appreciation to someone who somewhat flies under the radar of most of the people here and who deserves more props than he gets.

he's behind Feel the Drums, Electronic Funk, Mouth Music, Dirty Five, Back Door Revelations and is one part of the now defunct, Bionic Men.

his new album is sick. I've been listening to it lately with a friend of mine and I'm really vibing with a lot of the tracks. a fusion of electro, house, funky disco and classic breakbeats... it really is worth checking out.

this isn't a spam thread but more of an appreciation thread. Matt deserves mad props and I felt like seeing what everything thought.


that's the truth man. loved(love) all his stuff.

got most of those mentioned above and wouldn't trade them for anything.


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i gotta agree with vench on this one... m1 is probs one of the most under rated toronto/canadian producers, the original electronic funk was so good!! i think it even came out on dance massive 3?!? a top 40 compilation back in 97-98?? back door revelations was a kickin track to pump back in those funky disco house days!! ah the stickman days!
house of funk brings back memories of thursday nights with flip/manzone and strong at club 108 in mississauga live to air on energy 108!!!!!!, and on flips radio show! god i miss those days!

keep up the work matt!

you are no slouch either , i got a few of your tracks from my good friend mattlok i believe the slave dub???? and the new order sampled one.. good work keep em coming!!

as always one to support cancon

robin in guelph

p.s. what ever happened to Joee Cans , the guy who did "get funky" cause that was a sick track too!! i still play it occaisionally for the obg in my set (oldie but goodie)