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M Audio Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard FS/FT


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M Audio Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard FS/FT
$75 obo / or interesting trade audio related or Nintendo Dsi? Will ship.

Great little controller works on usb power or your can plug it in and plug directly into a sampler. Comes with power cord and box.

Oxygen 8 Features • The Oxygen 8MIDI controller keyboard provides 25 dynamic keys,pitch and mod wheels,a data slider,and 8 assignable rotary controllers. • Connects easily to your computer’s USB port.No tools,and no disassembly is required.When used with USB,the Oxygen 8 may be parasitically powered by yourcomputer’s USB port. •TheOxygen 8 may also be used as a completely portable standalone controllerwhen powered by 6 AA-size batteries. • The Oxygen 8provides two MIDI OUT jacks for connecting to MIDI devices from eitheryourcomputer, oras a standalone MIDI controller. • There is also a socket for an optional sustain-footswitch. •Although the Oxygen 8 has no built-in sound capabilities, itoffers a great variety of useful MIDI functions. Oxygen 8 Overview The Oxygen 8 is a fully functional MIDI controller.Its 25 keys can be setto play any octave ortransposed pitch,while the Oxygen 8’s pitch wheel,mod wheel and data slider with the addition of eight programmable rotary knobs make it the most versatile MIDI controllerof its class.Its compactsize and ability to run on battery powermake itthe ultimate in portable keyboard controllers.Virtually any type of MIDI controllerinformation can be sentfrom the Oxygen 8 to yourcomputer, using the powerand convenience of the Mac orPC computer’s USB port. Additionally,the Oxygen 8 can operate as a “standalone”MIDI controller, independent of the computer.The rear panel MIDI port marked “keyboard”is used forthis purpose. 2
Contained within the Oxygen 8 is a USB MIDI interface.Simply plug the Oxygen 8 into yourcomputer’s USB port,install the included drivers and enable the MIDI interface within yourmusic software.This combination of a versatile keyboard controllerand a USB MIDI interface allows you record and control MIDI information within your music application,plus adds a MIDI output port to which you can connecta MIDI sound module ordrum machine.The rearpanel MIDI port marked “USB” is used for this purpose. The Oxygen 8 may be powered by one of three sources:external powersupply, internal batteries,or “parasitically”from the voltage itreceives from the USB port.For the most consistent perfomance,we recommend using a power supply orbatteries,even when using the Oxygen 8 with yourcomputer’s USB port.To powerfrom the USB portonly,plug the Oxygen 8 directly into the computer’s USB port,orinto a powered USB hub.When using the Oxygen 8 in standalone mode, a powersupply orbatteries mustbe used. Six AA-size batteries are required when using battery power.When using an external powersupply (optional), itis importantto use only a supply with the proper9vDC, 500ma rating.These may be purchased locally orthrough MIDIMAN.