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M-Audio Audiophile USB


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that will run fine but keep in mind with only 2 outs you will have no option for a headphone cue (plus the outs are only rca)


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for a little more cash you can get a firewire audiophile with more outs, a headphone cue, etc..
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I personally just upgraded from a PCI audiophile 2496, and went through my options - usb being my initial thought. However the usb firewire had less outs than my PCI card - so I looked into the firewire model, which has 4 in/6 out. The usb audiophile just didn't seem to be worth the trouble anymore.

Been real happy with this
since it arrived. Grabbed it for $129 us brand new off ebay, $188 cdn shipped. Much less than the advertised price on the m-audio site.

dj Red Turtle

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If I am to run an external harddrive from my laptop using usb(its a higher rpm drive then my internal one) should I get an external sound card that runs off the firewire/pcmcia port then the usb one to cut down on overhead? I'm asking this because I was told that a usb interface takes up more processor time then a firewire one. Please advise.


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depending on the device, it's sometimes better to keep it on its own bus. if your computer has multiple usb busses, then you could run the drive off of one and the interface off of another. but if you just have one usb bus with multiple usb ports then you might have issues. if you can't figure out how many busses your system has then the safest way is to get a firewire interface.

case sensitive

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This thread is a nice jumping off point because I was recommended an M-Audio portable soundcard as well.

I'm going to use it for very basic applications, I just want to convert my large vinyl collection to digital and don't want to lose sound quality because of a bunk soundcard. Right now I have a Soundblaster 64 and this is not going to cut it, I understand.

What is the recommendation in this situation? I only have USB 1.0 on my computer because it's pretty damn old.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, because this is not my strength, I just want to do my record collection justice when converting it to digital.

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