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Lyphe - Time Machine (hard industrial trance)

Lyphey Boy

TRIBE Member

Time Machine
Hard Industrial Trance
March 2014

About: Dug into the old hard trance crate and pulled out some favorites from great days gone by. That means tech 12s, vinyl, and a new live mix (March 2014). Enjoy!

1. Kaylab - Here We Go (original mix)
2. Cosmic Gate - Hardcore
3. Oliver Klitzing - I like that Beat
4. Derb - Derbus
5. DJ Dean - Balla Nation
6. Derler & Klitzing - Nuclear Device (original mix)
7. Claud Pieper and Ingo Kays - Mockmoon (rave allstars remix)
8. Voodoo & Serano - Blood is Pumpin'
9. Darude - Feel the Beat (original mix)

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