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Luxury 1+1 bedroom unit for sale @ Yonge & Bloor


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I'm posting this for my mom. :)

55 Bloor Street E. - One plus One with Parking & Locker

- Luxury one + 1 bedroom unit on tenth floor facing quiet and sunny south side of building
- Parking & locker included
- Lovely curved window
- Granite package counter & floors
- 50 oz. broadloom
- 8.5 foot ceilings
- 24 hour concierge
- Flexible closing as early as 30 days
- Mortgage - treat as clear
- Without a doubt, the best price in the building


Pics will be posted soon.

If interested, either page my mom Joyce at: 416.329.2026 and leave your name and number, or PM me.
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It includes washer/dryer, dishwasher, stove, exhaust fan, and fridge.

The bathroom has a separate shower area and bathtub.


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how many square feet? do you have dimensions for the rooms?

also, how much are the monthly fees and what do they include?


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Scary, $200k for a 1 bedroom unit in Toronto.. and this is probably a good deal in the downtown area.

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yeah im pretty sure its built. its right across the street from my work. there is a new one going up right next door (85 Bloor east i think).



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Yes, it's built. It's 630 square feet. The condo fees, I'm not sure, I have to check.

We've already gotten an offer... so this might not be available anymore.

And yes, it's a good deal for the location and building :)

I will keep you guys updated.
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