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Lush on Flow 93.5 tonight (fri,Jan 30) !!!


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Originally Posted on torontojungle.com
Originally Posted By Catchin Wreck

ez people! I'm just coming on here to let everyone know that this friday january the 30th around 4:30 am (sat morning) i will be playing on "This'House" with Tricky Moreia on FLOW 93.5 FM. (3-5am)

Big shouts to DJ Tricky and to Wayne Williams for asking me to come on tricky's house show to help "spread the gospel" of this music we all love so much.

so here is were i'm calling on all of you to represent and stand proud for our scene: basically we need to show the big wigs at FLOW 93.5 that there are A LOT of people who listen to jungle/D&B, love it, live it, and want to hear it on the radio.

our music is, has and ALWAYS WILL BE urban music and it's time for us to come together and show the biggest urban radio station in Canada that we will not be overlooked any longer!

so i'm asking each and everybody to try and tune in on friday night, but most importantly to let FLOW know how much you want to hear this music on the air so that hopefully we can see a full show or at least some proper beats entering the flow playlist in the future.

you have two ways to do this:
1st: send an email to tricky@flow935.com stating you opinion on this and hopefully on how much you enjoyed fridays show!

2nd: go to www.flow935.com, go in to the message board, go in to the "This House with Tricky Moreia" page and BOMB that message board with your support for this!

pass this onto a friend and lets round up the calvary!!!!

remember this is all about the BIG PICTURE and about exposing new people to this music and introducing them to our scene to make it bigger, better, and stonger. The listenership for this program is over 400 000 strong so this is a major oppourtunity for our music. i'll warn you all in advance that i have been given strict criteria by which i have to play so i won't be able to thug it out and get grimey with my selection the way i would play at a club or rave, but i will be playing basically all vocal tunes, some r&b remixes, and a bunch of new material from Natural Emcee's vocal poject "Soul Providaz" which is on a heavy hip hop hybrid tip and fits nicely within their parameters.

hopefully by showing flow how powerful our scene is next time i will be able to go on and represent the full spectrum alongside the quality music that i'm going to play on friday.

again remember this is all about the big picture and progressing the music forward and nuturing it to make it grow, so regardless of if you are feeling me as a DJ or not, if you love the music its time to stand up and be counted!

lets show the big guns at flow that we mean business!!!

thanks to everybody in advance for your help on this and for your continued support.

see you all in the clubs. LUSH

BIG UP to Lush! keep on pushing the sounds!
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