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Luke Fair/John Debo/Sander Klienenberg/Max Graham @ Kool Haus

I am absolutely stunned at how nice a night I had. I was the first in the door (ever the eager beaver, I arrived at 9:45 and waited for them to open the doors and let me loose inside the spot), and was not the least disappointed after the 30 minute delay of getting inside.

Decor Kool Haus decided to dress up the spot and very nicely by creating a large tent like feel over the main dance floor and create cloth walls to separate the bars from the main dance floor. They even managed to make a small area where they had some plush leather chairs and benches. A very creative and intimate feel indeed.

Luke Fair strutted his stuff, cooly and casually, dropping in some of his trademark top notch production with a very happy, lazy, mellowy progressive house kind of feel. It's always great to see him spin (he's the main reason why I got there early) and I was not the least bit disappointed.

John Debo I hadn't heard this guy in quite some time. I'm talking years. And I was very impressed with his track selection and his mixing of some more techy feeling house and took things up a notch where Luke had left off. Their transisition was almost seamless.

Sander Klienenberg The man of the hour did not disappoint, floating effortlessly from funky house to progressive, to tech house and back. The funky basslines were the things I remembered most, and shook me and the rest of the crowd to our core. Loved the remixed version of Struggle for Pleasure by Minimalistics.

Max Graham Started out guns blazing, by scratching over a progressive house beat for nearly 5 minutes. And holding his own quite well, even when he increased the pitch on the source record. Another techy, progressive set that Max is well known for and played exactly what the crowd seemed to have wanted.

But of course it's the people I see there that make a night special; Mingster (thanks again for the kind words), doodlebug (Lost? Let me help: YOU ARE HERE), jayisbored, blueker, ~Liquid Fairy~, blueker's sister Tanja (very nice to meet you!), Malglo, loopdokter, Girl Friday, chickpea, Galactic Phantom, dj cheezewhiz, Tearer, Che (welcome back Mr. Kotter! and thanks again for the cd), vinder, Mr. Furious and the surprise arrival of Living Room Porn Star, Joey (happy birthday again bro) and Sugar topped off the night beautifully. It's people like you guys who make nights like these more than extraordinary.

Overall, I had a great night. The venue was by no means overcrowded, and the sound was remarkably clear and sharp.

From the Ministry of 8/10. Nice night and good times like JJ.

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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i had an absolutely EXCELLENT time last night.

didn't see luke fair, john debo was ... whatever. i wasn't overly impressed. i call his set "listening music" for enjoying at home, not in a club....good enough, just did not make me want to dance.
sander kleinenberg was brilliant. totally did not disappoint. he was really good the other time i saw him, but this was WAY better....so suffice it to say, he was fabulous! max graham as well. i got to experience the "max graham scratching" for the first time. fun! my friend decided to grab me and pull me over to introduce me to max, and i felt REALLY REALLY retarded. like i had nothing to say, which i suppose is better than babbling a la Danny Howells style, right??? i also enjoyed the decor even though i got lost on several occassions. there is something about DAS KOOL HAUS that disorients me.

all in all, it was very very good :)

Special K

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last night in terms of music was *alright*

I really liked Luke Fairs opening set, some funkier dirtier prog. tracks, I liked the way he opened up the night, had one big fuck up though at around 11:30 but shit happens I guess...other than that his set was good

john debo was FUCKING BORING!!! OH GOD!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzz, too much BOG STANDARD.

Now onto the headliner, Sander Kleinenberg, the man I had come to Kool Haus to see. Other then the last 30 minutes of his set (which I thought were fucking incredible) he was PANTS!!! In the beginning it was like hed string together a couple of good tracks and then hed just lose me with some wank boring tune. I cant stand it when it takes a prog. dj 5/6 of his set to have finally worked up into some more banging pumping tunes. I know prog. is all about the build-up but for fucks sake why does it take so long for some djs to get things going arrrrrrrrrrgh!!!

By the time Sander had finished his set, I was totally drained and decided to leave which SUCKS cause I wanted to see Maxipad play. Oh well, maybe next time...

So all in all 6/10 for the night...imo it could have been ALOT better...
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Special K

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oh yea does anybody know the name of that accapella/track that sander played b4 maxipad came on??? The one Creamer played when he was @ System in December. Also the last song of Sander's set, it kinda sounded like Haktan O' Nal - Bedford Street, was it a mix of that or a new Haktan O' Nal track???


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Last night was really good. For me though what made it was the awesome decor, thumping sound, and seeing so many great people. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling the music very much last night (apart from Luke's set, but he didn't play for very long). It was as though I was trying to much to get into it, but Sander couldn't really deliver the goods for me. I would have liked to have seen Max close things off properly, but my ride decided to leave. I hope everyone likes my new cd that I gave out. Sorry to those who didn't get a copy, I ran out of them quickly, but I'll bring more to Hybrid.

P.S Hot women in das haus last night!

Special K

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"I’ve been a shit and I hate fucking you now because I love fucking you too much; what good’s the head of my cock inside you when my other head, the one with the brains, keeps thinking how fucked up everything is, how fucked I am to be fucking you and thinking these things which take me away from you when all I want is to be close to you but fuck you for letting me fuck you now when all that connects us is this fucking cock which is as lost inside you as I am, here, in the dark, fucking you and thinking - fuck, the wallpaper behind you had a name, what was it? You called it what?"

Someone please tell me what that is???


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I wish I knew that accappella ^^^^^

Satoshi also played it when he was in town. When I heard it I flipped out and asked a ton of people what it was- no one knew what it was.


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last night again proved why the warehouse is my favourite spot to party in TO. loved the big tent thing, separated the dancing and drinking areas really nicely. love the benches for when you're drained at 5 am. love sound in there, i even took out my earplugs cause it was so crisp. but on to the music. i'm gonna have to disagree with everyone on john debo, i thought he dropped a wicked set. "standard fare" prog it was, but it got me grooving. all i remember saying to jayisbored at the beginning of the night was "i don't wanna dance, it's too early! i can only wiggle!" but this guy was really funky and got me moving early on. then on came sander. from his recorded stuff that i'd listend to (nu breed, e-mix, some new years mix with sasha) i thought he was going to be boring, as after all, i really came to hear max. but man was i wrong. the first 1/2 hr or so were kinda assy, but once he started going, i just could not stop dancing. i dunno how many times i had to pause to catch my breath cause i was dancing SOOOOO hard. highsteppa said it all though, it was all about the basslines, so heavy! finally around 4, max came on, fingers a blazin with his scratching skills. holy shit he's improved. not that he was ever bad, but man he's gotten better! for the hour i was there of his set, he was dropping LARGE beats, almost barry weaver machinegun styles. i wanted to dance, cause it was so good, but my legs just said go home retard, you've had enough!

and let's not forget the crowd. yes there were plenty of tribers there, and it was tough to walk around and not see a familiar face, which was totally great in a place that i don't venture to that often. and damn it's fun dancing with people who know how to go off (mingster, jayissoberbutstilldancingandnotcrackylikepeoplethink, girl friday, chickpea, erica and terry, tearer). as usual, great partying with galactic phantom, highsteppa, jayrev and lindsay, mr. furious, kul-kat, joey, livingroom pornstar, sugar, susan and alex, par-t, and many others i'm sure i've forgotten. it was also great to meet mandapanda finally and ethnic (or was it organic) all in all a great night, and i hope there are more of these science parties to come.
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Absolutely Satisfying....

Where do I begin?

Le decor: Was fabulous! I love how they keep changing it up in there. Keeps things fresh and interesting. As long as they keep throwing these parties, I'm gonna keep going. I haven't been dissapointed in the Kool Haus yet. I love how they've recently started putting the DJ booth lower on the ground, sometimes in the middle. It creates an intimacy that is key....

Le music: I wanted to be there early to hear Luke Fair spin. I've decided to track his progress, to watch him grow, and to listen to his evolution. So when he's fucking HUGE, I can say "I was there". And I am. John Debo was allright, although I wasn't really paying attention. I can say that by the time he got off, I was ready to dance, so he couldn't have been that bad. Sander was allright too. (I think). For some reason, I can't really remember whether or not I liked his set, really.

Max Graham: The man deserves his own paragraph. I think this is the first ime I've heard him play live, and YOWZA! He's wicked. Loved that sound! It's been awhile since I've heard some hard-ass-driving-fuck-me-forever music. Excellent.

Les peoples: As always, the people do it. Nati (happy b-day girl!), highsteppa (you're welcome ;)), Vinder, JayRev, Cheezwhiz, Che, Keith, Organik, Corinne. You guys all rock. And of course, the surprise arrival of Sugar, Joey, and Dan (you made me so happy!).

I absolutely LOVE going to a club, and seeing so many people I know. I love dancing with friends, and always having a smiling face around me. I love that whenever I turn around, someone I know is having a good time....it's excellent. :)



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wow a totally fun evening...!!! i admit on any other friday night i probably would have chilled after a couple of crazy days of work, school & hockey, but totally wanted to check out this big party last night (couldn't keep my legs moving like normal :) ) .... got there early to check out luke...really nice set, & so good to hear his sounds again...this guy should have been on a little later so more could hear his sound (my only minor beef is how the local talent sometimes gets thrown on the obligatory 10-11/12 set & to say luke is local is totally not giving him full credit for his international noteriety, but i guess thats standard for bigger parties)...

i admit john debo was playing some nice tunes, but i was hanging out & chatting with all the great people who have made partying for me what it is today...steve, mel, natalie, james, matt, tom, ambarish (good to see you got away at 1 :) ), rohit, mike, tara, lynn, jay, dan (thanks for la biere), joey nice to meet you i'll send some hardcore your way :) ) & on & on...beautiful people everywhere (including the now infamous pornstar contingent which make me remember why i like partying at the koolhaus, it's kinda fun to hang out in the back area & check out the goings on...)...

sander in my opinion played a truly wicked set...right into it behind the decks...played some seriously (as i call it f**k me up) sick sounds...nice & twisted, banging at times & had everyone going off...max was up next & he definitely lived up to everything i remember (it's been just over a year since i seen him last at turbo)...finished off with some nice trancey numbers (binary finary or something similar sounding), & i believe airtight...final track of the night we believe was something new from his own work...a classy guy behind the decks...

so i pushed it last night, & admit it was well worth it...as tired as i am today, i'm looking forward to the rest of march...some system action for howells/superchumbo, some koolhaus action w/ hybrid & a few other treats thrown into the mix...perhaps even a trip to the zone on sunday night to check out luke & matt...so thanks to everyone for contributing to my enjoyment of last night...

respect to jose for putting together an awesome show...!!! thanks...


ps see luke i didn't mention anything :) but it was matt right???


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Originally posted by djcheezwhiz
ps see luke i didn't mention anything :) but it was matt right???


Well done John. The check's in the mail. The conspiracy, however, has proven to have holes. As we see above, Che has taken the fall as well...


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Metal Morphosis

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Special K

Originally posted by Special K
"I’ve been a shit and I hate fucking you now because I love fucking you too much; what good’s the head of my cock inside you when my other head, the one with the brains, keeps thinking how fucked up everything is, how fucked I am to be fucking you and thinking these things which take me away from you when all I want is to be close to you but fuck you for letting me fuck you now when all that connects us is this fucking cock which is as lost inside you as I am, here, in the dark, fucking you and thinking - fuck, the wallpaper behind you had a name, what was it? You called it what?"

Someone please tell me what that is???

It's called Fuck Sonnet - Creamer :)

Fun times last night. Best night of 2002 so far.

not much to say that hasn't already been said.
Great crowd - and just the right amount of people.

All i can say is Three Drive on Vinyl - NICE ... gotta love it when an old track gets put out and the crowd goes mad.

Sander is cute
Max was the man of the night though

can't wait until Hybrid


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What a night, I have to say I’m real happy I made it out to this one. The music was incredible and the vibe was incredible, the perfect formula for a good party.

Good to see all the usual suspect out and about you know who you are... and Melanie there's definitely 4 degrees of separation in Toronto, I think we were bound to bump into each other at some point in our lifetime.

Mad props to Jose and the Science crew for throwing an amazing show... can't wait for HYBRID!



Rated 8/10

I'm really happy I made the last minute decision to haul my ass to Toronto for Sander. Solid night top to bottom.

Nice to meet AlyG at the pre-party, as we all got things warmed up for a big night.

It didn't take longer than arriving at the parking lot before JIB and I ran into Malia and Jayrev. Fuckin tribers are everywhere. :)

Kool Haus, as mentioned earlier put together a sweet decor for the occasion. The tent thing brought the intimacy level way up, and the DJs were so accessible on the floor - it almost felt like a big house party. I'm not sure about the ambient music around the coat check area and the whitely-dressed freak on stilts, cuz for all the trippers, that would really fuck em up, but hey it was definitely different.

Totally missed Luke Fair due to a long wait in line - regretful for that, but walked into Debo's set and got moving right away. I loved his groove. It got me nicely warmed up for the marathon to come, and I thought his tracks were fat and dripping with sexy beats.

When Sander Kleinenberg took the decks, the anticipation was peaked and he delivered a classic progressive set. I danced for his whole set, and if I can't remember the tunes, I can remember the feeling - just going off with all the friends around me. Lots of smiles all around, which is testament to the strength of the music.

I guess it was around the end of his set that Joey, Allison and Dan made their way in - great to see them all, and it was a sweet surprise. In the meantime, I had a blast partying with the whole crew....Jayisbored - goin all night, Lisa - Max's lovechild, Keith - ticketmanextrodinaire, Vinder - 'ardcore, Rob - sooo good to have around, Nat - all bday smiles, Mel - here there and everywhere, Malia - 'ardcore pt. 2, Heather - marathon woman, Marian - we met!, Olga - no chance to talk, but it was nice to meet ya, Susan and Alex - love hangin witcha, Steve - dude, your mix is sa-weet, Matt - brief but good to see you, Ricky - a pleasure as always, Tom - a trooper if there ever was one, John - the only one I saw close the place up with us - big ups dude, you rock, Kul-Kat - a pleasure to meet you ;) , James - hardly saw you dude, but good to see you nonetheless.

Max Graham played a wicked set. It was the highlight of the night - consistent, thumping and fun. When I finally took a break to rest my oh so tired feet, I sat by the booth and started talking to a girl who looked familiar. So funny, cuz we both thought the other was someone else, but we'd met in Montreal at Cream through Huggs. So a big 'allo to Julie and Eric, a truly sweet couple if there ever was one. Great talking to you both.

After the after-party dealy, I drove home, but I didn't realise how tired I was. So at 10am, on no sleep, I nearly drifted off to lala land on the QEW, but cured it the only way I could - windows down, music and heat CRANKED. :)

I just slept all day....damn, cuz it looked nice out.

Wicked night y'all...


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Well, am I ever still sore.

Last night was good times indeed.
Olga, her sis and I finally got into to Kool Haus around 12.
This was after I had to run 2 blocks to the nearest bank to get some money out for Olga's sis... so if you saw a frantic girl running down a street towards a Canada Trust ATM [Near Jarvis and some street parallel to Lake Shore], that was most likely me.

We got to hear the last hour of Debo's set, which was nice! The last time I saw Debo was last April in Niagara Falls, and from what I can remember, he kicked it just as good.

Sander K had wasn't bad. Though it took him a while to get going towards the last 45 mins to an hour he was laying down the beats nicely, getting the crowd going.

As for Max, this was the second time I've seen him and he did not disappoint. Scratching, wow, good stuff definitely!

It was as always a great pleasure meeting the good ol' Tribe crew:
Highsteppa[you're the best James! It was fun hanging out for most of the night],
Doodlebug[such a cutie! ;) ],
Mingster[shake that ass girl, damn!],
Vinder[put on the serious face!],
Susan O [brief but always a pleasure!]
JIB[I hope I didn't hurt you too badly...nothing broken I hope],
Che [how can I forget that cute face! ;)]
Galactic Phantom [great to finally meet!],
Tearer [it was a definite pleasure to finally meet :)],
Metal Morphesis [such a sweetheart],
Livingroompornstar [my scapegoat! Luv ya Dan!]
Mr.Furious [guard your sis from Vinder!]
Sugar [It was great to finally meet you...ignore what I said..I've got the worst case of club-disease ;)]

I hope I didn't forget anyone!

Sorry if I wasn't much of a talker, I tried, I'm just not good at having a conversation over blasting basslines and such. Get me in a less noisy room and I'll be more than happy to chat!

It was all good fun! I had a great time, and now I'm sore as hell.
See you all at THE DOCKS party!



WOW, I'm impressed with everything, I don't have anything negative to say about last night (wtf is up with that?)

The Kool Haus looked totally different with the tent set up, a nice change. It made it more intimate, with a smaller stage.

The music was a bit slow to begin with but the 2nd half of Sander's set was great. Nice hard beats. Max Graham was wicked, he totally rocked it with crazy scratching.

Also the friends that were there that made the night thnx.
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great night!....wicked venue (note: kool haus=guarunteed fun).......wicked decor (i'm pretty sure they did that whole tent thing back in the summer with richie hawtin)........awesome sets by all djs start to finish.....first time seeing sander and was blown away..dark...funky....progressive...would like to know what was the name of the track of the last song he played...pretty funny.....max graham was even better than his new years set finished the right!!.......congrats to science!!



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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
But of course it's the people I see there that make a night special; Mingster (thanks again for the kind words), doodlebug (Lost? Let me help: YOU ARE HERE), jayisbored, blueker, ~Liquid Fairy~, blueker's sister Tanja (very nice to meet you!), Malglo,

I was there? :) cooooL! i musta been really trashed cause i don't remember it .. i thought i went to system then to cri's :)

anythings possible though.. :)




haha. I was gonna ask where you were hiding!

Hi to Mr. Furious. Missed you in the shout out, but I only saw you in line....


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Well, I had such a FUN night!

I'm way too tired right now and pretty sore, so this is going to be nice and short.
All I have to say is thanks to wicked tunes and ESPECIALLY all the wicked people around me last night, I had the best birthday! The vibe was wicked and you guys made my night, THANK YOU!

natalie :D
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