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Luke Fair 8 hour set this friday @ System


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Unfortunately I missed his last set @ System, however I did catch him "warmup" the Industry Summer Magic party...hardly a warmup as he was rawkin' the main room, and it wasn't even midnight...lookin' forward to seein' him in action this friday:D


Michael Drury

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OK - I have never marked down a DJ date in my calendar before (probably cause I was always working) but this event has been marked down for weeks. Last time I heard Luke at System it was simply splenda chaps!

I look forward to this Friday - Toby, Watcher and Big Cheese are down - who else is in.



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His last extended set at System was absolutely brilliant. Big vocals, massive basslines and the chunk to make you funk.


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Originally posted by Krzysiu
when does it end? I have to work tomorrow...

but, natch, I'm in... with new socks!!
pssh you stole my socks?

hurrah..although i probably wont last long into the wee hours