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LTJ Bukem clones

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feisty boy

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these threads pop up on a regular basis it seems.

dj db - secret art of science (possibly my favourite d&b mix ever)
big bud - 'infinity + infinity' or 'late night sessions'
old blame (back when he was still with glr)
most of doublecross' mixes!!

these are all older mixes though. seems in the past couple of years, mellow / jazzy d&b has been taken over by latin flavours or housey vocal sounds. it's just not the same as the old 'intelligent' heydays of bukem et al.
even bukem's last couple mix discs have been lifeless.
alas. i look forward to hearing some other recommendations...


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Big Bud is golden. I love their(his?) production, but have et to hear a mixed set of theirs.

As for nice atmospheric kinda stuff, I grabbed a set of the Tribe FTP of Dj Randall @ Helter Skelter 09-16-1994 (I think) and from Renegade Snares (9min mark (again I think)) on in, it gets really atmospheric and takes you on a ride... really nice.

Failing that, Rob's new "Deep Groove" mix is the best I have heard from him yet. Blows the summer sessions CD's right out of the water IMO.
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Thanks guys keep them coming. Forgot to mention I've pretty much downloaded Rob's (Doublecross's) CD's a while ago.

And the DB is along the lines of what I'm looking for. It's really kind of sad that the atmospheric DnB isn't what it used to be. I can really hear a difference between the earlier Progressive Sessions discs and the newer ones.

evil homer

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This may be slightly harder edged than what you're after (not unreasonably so, just ever so slightly - that seems to be the direction that the music has evolved)

check out some of the newer atmo labels like warm communications and inperspective which have many mixes available to d/l from their website. warm in particular has two great mixes up right now and a solid section of links. www.warmcommunications.com

i also got some sets off ww.psk.ca recently which were impressive.

www.scientific.nl is a web based label and they have more on the floaty side of things. Under 'music' under 'releases' they have a few downloadable sets which are rather epic.

720 is rather lacking in its selection of online mixes, but there is one pretty decent one more on the techier side of things.

there are a dozen+ similar labels, but none of them have comparable online offerings.

feisty boy

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^^good tips homer. checking out the links, and looking forward to some new atmo mixes.

damn, it was amazing round the time when blame, ltj, and big bud all put out mixes on GLR within months of each other. some incredibly complex, epic, soothing, intelligent, futuristic, mind warping sounds used to come out of that camp.

but atmo and jazzy slowly became more synonomous with "coffeshop" d&b, and it seems producers left that whole genre by the wayside in favour of the techier sounds, or the more mainstream club sounds.

ah well, can't stop progression

evil homer

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if there are any coffee shops out there looking for the dj commonly stereotyped as belonging there then I am your man


this is not a joke
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DMS in Guelph has put out some good atmospheric mixes, he works at Mudshark/Baseline and is a really solid DJ, I'm sure there are a few tapes of his going around. or I can make you a copy of one of mine if you'd like.
PM and and let me know.