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LTJ Bukem at Wreckroom


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Played an amazing set. Or let me rephrase that: one that I really enjoyed, one that kept making me say "I would really like that set".

A track he played near the end with a vocal was just superb (no clue about titles).

I was dead beat from the night before, but he still got my feet moving.

I don't remember who was playing before him: he played waaay too long (Bukem didn't come on until well past 1) and nothing that would make me want to run out and see him again, but nothing that drove me away.

The MC was thankfully just an MC, not someone who goes on and on and makes you want to throttle him.

I quite like the Wreckroom as a space, good lighting, good bar, good sound. I wish there were more gigs there and not just D&B ones.
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I have nothing to add, exceot this was the event I realllly wanted to hit most this summer, but I had out of town plans well before this was announced so it wasn't meant to be.


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I was at Doc Scott and I left when the MC told people not to worry, keep partying, despite the overwhelming stench of melting plastic in the air.


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Bukem delivered the goods and some.

I've never heard him play that tough before, but he tore out the rollers, occasionally laying down a sledgehammer. One track near the end of my evening was just incredible.

This more than made up for the mediocre show at the Orange room about five years back.
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