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Low Self Esteem Hip Hop suggestions?


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Hip hop is often all about how great the artist is, especially in relation to others. But some tunes are all about what a loser the artist is.

I am pretty hip hop ignorant, and would like to ask your help in putting together a list of songs (and artists) who have put out really good low self esteem hip hop.

Right now my list includes:
What's up Fatlip? Fatlip
Bachelor of Science Buck 65

um, that's it. Told you I am a bit out of the loop.:)

Recommends? Feel free to include favourite lyrics and any story behind the song.

"Far from hard, emotionally scarred, on Ricoh boulevard I was regarded as a retard" ~ What's up Fatlip? After Pharcyde members gave him the boot, Fatlips career went downhill, and he felt like a loser. Lovely video by Spike Jonze.


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Atmosphere, theres just so many by slug. He seems like he's really depressed in most of his lyrics.

sorry, i wouldn't consider this really good
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