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Low Key at Surface

Originally posted by BigBadBaldy
I even met some random friend of Sunny's who I ended up chatting with for a while. What a sweetie.

Anyway, that's the end of my ass review.


..and then I had tomato avocado melts! YaY!

That's strange, I can't seem to figure out who it is. I'm close with a lot of the people who went... but not spefically where they'd go, "oh, I'm Sunny's friend..."

Male or female? Hair colour?
Short female, brown hair, wool Marlo Thomas hat, named Natalie (I think).


She asked me how I knew you, so I assumed she knew you.. ?
nat! vvv

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out for our monthly event @ Surface. All & all it was another successful night for us (Nomdeplume) and I'm really glad to hear the positive feedback from all of you. We will use all the feedback to ensure that what we deliver for future events will coincide with your comments! Thanks for the ongoing support!

thanks again!

Nomdeplume (Mao, Chris, Steve Sousa and Marijan)
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Originally posted by MoFo
Omg, I love her. She is a SWEETHEART.
And Kevin's butt's not so bad as well.

thats my friend natalie.

and my boyfriend's butt:D

sunny, you should see the new jeans kevin got!! you'll be drooling;)

oh wow, why didn't i see this earlier? i had a fantastic time. but the music in the mainroom was not my...thang...seemed like there were a few skanky ho's listening to crappy r&b. *shudder*. it wasn't like that when we got there.

chilled in the backroom and that was much better. thanks go to stew, (it's stew, ross!) for buyin' me a canadian. it was fantastic to see quite a few people i haven't seen in forever, and well...quite a few people. no complaints about the music, either, i'd definately check out another low key party.

bbb next time you and libra-d are in the same room i'll introduce you. and i wanna meet cheeka too, can't help ya there.

although i left relatively early, (sex plans...i had to "check on something at home",) i had a a lot of fun.


haha, sunny, i love that i'm just "nat". you mention all these internet names, and "nat"...i actually hate being referred to as "pyrovitae".
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