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Love Unlimited @ Mockingbird Jan 11


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WOW! Was that place ever jumping.

Maybe they set a record for attendance, I don't know what drew the crowds but we (Ange and I) made it before 11 to get in free and it was full already!

deejaynav, Jason Palma, Paul E Lopes and Steve Yanko were on the DJ roster and as usual Mockingbird looked great. The mention in Eye magazine promised good ole' disco/house vibes with an oldschool feel to the party and that was what we got in abundance!

The crowd was loving the tunes it and nearly everybody not lined up for drinks was at least wiggling a bit. Everybody was friendly and smiling. There were tons of 'anthems' of the day and some new stuff too. The DJ's took turns changing up after short shifts so every half hour we had a new style to look forward to. What a great night, we left early and there was a lineup outside!

One criticism is the main dance-area's speakers. I always find abit to much high-end frquency coming out of them, sometimnes enough to hurt my ears, maybe I'm just going deaf and tinninitis is starting. Otherwise Mockingbird has never dissapointed me. Keep it UP!

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i was there too.. fun night.. i like going to the mockingbird, it's a nice size and nicely laid out.. except for the lineup at the bar.

nice to see all those guys going through their collection to bust out the old stuff for us though

i agree with you about those speakers though. damn!!

jus me

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It was my first time there and I had a great time!

I loooveee that place! Lofty and classy without being overdone! And the movie that was playing, I couldn't help dancing without watching! Nice crowd, a very good mix. I especially like that older woman who was boogeyin, heard from Rob that she goes every friday! So cute! Heh heh.

It was a nice change from the usual system & element nite. Funk, disco tunes & house mixed in all together!

I was very pleased! Good turnout too! We got in just before the cover hit and when we left there was a huge-ass lineup outside!


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damn, just found out from a guy that i work with about this.

apparently, a bunch of people from my work went...

(weird mental picture - tribers alongside my coworkers!!)

sounds like it was a fun party!!


Nice venue. I saw Richie Hawtin there a couple of years ago.
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