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Love Parade 2002

Andrew Mack

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Anyone else planning on checking it out this year? I'm going to be going for the first time. Anyone been before? Any advice?



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Originally posted by PinkAngeL
A friend of mine went and he said it was insanely crowded and a one time trip only
That's what I've heard from a lot of people too
It's nice to experience it once ... but once is enough
I've heard lots of stories ... mainly about how packed it is ... and how you can barely move


Andrew Mack

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I have a place to stay 2 blocks from where the parade passes by, but i've been told that it will take me like an hour to make those 2 blocks.

I kinda figured it would be a one time thing so i figure i'd better do it while i'm young and can handle it

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I'd love to join you but I've already signed myself up for too many things this summer.

....Some day I will hit every major party destination in the world, and then I'll play live at all of them!


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tommy went 2.5 years ago, and we were actually supposed to go LAST summer, but it didn't make it in our plans. Regardless, he said that he wasn't sure he could go again- a one time thing.

I will be there for sure next summer though. *S*

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has anyone visited the site recently?
love parade mexico??

somehow i dont think thats gonna work :s
interesting though :)



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Originally posted by madnezz
Regardless, he said that he wasn't sure he could go again- a one time thing.

4eel... you can't really imagine what it's like to be in a middle of 1.5 million crowd, and once you're there, it's too late - it's an hour every way just to get out. Add beer and sausages and no bathrooms in sight but plenty of bushes and you get a whiff of what's it all about. More-less, I'm sure there are good points to the whole thing there somewhere as well... (I iz obviously not a big crowd fan, obviously)

The parties afterwards, well, that's a whole different story - there's something for everyone and even the most elitist, spoiled TO partier will be all smiles the next day. I was.

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I never got the chance to go 2 years ago when I was over in that area, though I made a valient effort too! From all the pics that I have seen, it looks like the craziest shit ever! One day I'd love to go!