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Went to this show not knowing what to expect. I'd never heard of them, but I knew who mike patton, kid koala and dan the automator were.

I found the band on before them to be very boring. No one reallt seemed to be into them.

Lovage were... alright. I found it funny how everyone was wearing pajama's and robes(except for the guy in the white suite and the chick), smoking cigars and drinking cognac.
The music was good. Very chilled, dubby and kinda sexy sounding. It sure wasn't anything like Faith No More, and was definately not what I'm used to, but it was a nice change. I kinda liked it. But I'm glad I didn't pay for it.
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I'd never been to the Phoenix before... WHY?? I dont know! This place is HUGE!! sorta like the Opera house... but MUCH MUCH better - right in line with the other Liberty clubs. We got there early and found a nice place to sit up in the "loft". Nice artwork

The first two bands (who?) where just filling time... everyone was waiting for Patton.

I thought the set up was hilarious: smoking big-ass cigars, drinking from big brandy snifters, eating chocolate cherries, wearing smoking jackets, slicked back hair, with huge gold rope chains... Kid Koala in flanel pjs... and bottles of booze all over the stage. Dan kept goin around making sure they all had something in their glass. Total hedonism - totally hilarious.

I had listened to the cd before so I knew what to expect... tho i was expecting strippers or lounge dancers, a trashed out Jennifer Charles filled that void.

Very sexy vocals... interesting and funny lyrics... tons of noise making trinkets... everything I love about Mike Patton. I'm definately going to pick up the cd... nice Sunday dinner music


Halfway through the show Patton and Dan set Kid Koala on a "musical interlude" and proceeded down into the crowd with a bottle of Brown Cow chocolate syrup - which they poured all over the face of a girl standing in front of me... Patton then licked it off her face and fingers... DROOOOOOOL!!!! "lick me!! lick me!!" LOL!!!

After a couple more songs they had a "Pony Riding Contest" where they pulled 3 people out of the audience, made fun of their hair and clothes, then made them ride the guitar player (who was wearing a G-string and a tie) across the stage with a horse whip! The winner (the only guy of the three who Patton hit on) was given some kind of "pleasure enhancing lotion"... LOL!!

Great show!! Patton Project #???? LOVE IT!!

(tho not as much fun as a Mr. Bungle show)


(pics later)


From those pics it looks like the biggest sausage party ever!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Pest:
From those pics it looks like the biggest sausage party ever!</font>

haha... that's exactly what I said to my friend when we walked in the place.
There were a few hot women though... literally.


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I think 90% of the people out there were Patton/FNM/Bungle fans. Which would make for a mainly male audience.

I had a great time, it was right up my alley