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dj gboogie

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Mixed By JT Donaldson & DJ Joeski

Lounge grooves transports you with first class comfort and service to the sonic destination of your choice. Whether it's the Embarcadero in San Francisco, Sunset Boulevard in LA, New York's Meat Packing District, London's West End or the Latin Quarter of Paris Lounge Grooves has your reservation for the best seat in the house, glasses chilled.

This sophisticated soundtrack of nightlife brings into the spotlight the sounds you know and hear all around you by artists as of yet leaning in the shadows. Not so much about the face and the look but the style and mood they evoke.

Sounds not limited to nightlife, these grooves are heard everywhere from the boutiques of Soho, cafes of Montmarte and the plazas on Las Ramblas. Lounge Grooves is the timeliest representation of the lifestyle that surrounds you be it dancing, lounging, eating shopping or traveling. The sounds of jazz, soul, latin, disco and house will take you to another place .

Distributed by

JT Donaldson

1. Freaky Afronaut –Can U Hear Me
2. Thomas Blonde –Into Me
3. JT Donaldson –My Belief
4. Iija Rudman & Votekk –Affair
5. EOC Feat. Lena Wade –Be With You
6. East Coast Boogieman & Dj Heather –Picture Of You
7. Phillip Eno –Breakout The Paddle
8. Vicki B –Something Must Change (Inst.)
9. Dirty Kicks –Dusted Loop
10. Troydon –Waxed
11. Urban Jazz Naturals –How Can I (JT Mix)
12. Hydroponic Sound System –Hydro Sound Clash (JT)
13. Untitled Orchestra –Lullaby
14. JT Donaldson Feat Symphony –Its Simple (Dub)

Joeski Cd 2

1. Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble –What I Want
2. The Groove Assasin Vs Rodog –I Know A Place
3. Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble –Gotta Be Love
4. J&S Productions –Unasaxomas
5. Joeski Feat El Soye –El Rio (Joeski Mix)
6. T. Kolai –Zouk
7. Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble –Sugar, Baby, Darlin
8. Handcrafted Sol Feat Kemdi –You've Got It
9. Kemdi –Still A Dancer (Sole Channel Dub)
10. Blakkat & Onionz Pres East River –Affirmation
11. Kemdi –Still A Dancer
12. Jay J & Julius Papp As Shuffle –Morning Star


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Originally posted by dj gboogie

11. Kemdi –Still A Dancer

I really like this comp a lot. Much better effort from JT in my opinion than what he did on that San Fran Sessions comp

Best track though is that Kemdi, still a dancer