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Louie Vega @Roxy Blu

ecstasy riot

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Louie Vega is one great performer. I enjoyed his set, and although I'm a well rounded music lover, the heavy metal was a little too much.
The hip hop was great, and so was the ultra-cheeze salsa and such.

He played some great tracks, including Lush. Which I hadn't heard in a while.

As far as tracks go, I preferred his last show in April, just because he played more Masters at Work.

It was still an amazing nite.

meghin <---- wants some of those apples Alex D picked.


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i agree that he's had better toronto outings.. but.. damn this man can mix!!!

it's so nice just watching him do his thing and work the tracks... he's technically unbelievable.

Bloom! Productions

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as a producer, in my own opinion, little louie vega is a master at work. as a dj, in my own opinion, he is not. i was there (intently watching) and he did little for me.

perhaps i'm just another picky dj.
perhaps i'm not.


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i thought his skills and track selection were amazing. roxy also did the right thing in having all four rooms hear his set. if they didn't, i would had one shitty evening.



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I am a house fanatic and I have to admit that I was quite dissapointed with Lil Louis performance. I have never seen the MAW spin live and have heard from my friends who saw him 3 years ago at Guv that he is one of the best.

I felt his set was painfully redundant with little in the way of variety. (I left at 3:30 mind u) I wanted to hear some fresh mixes of his classics mixed in with some tracks I havent heard. I didnt get any of that.

Also, Roxy is not the rite venue for this type of act. Did anyone else notice how packed it was?? Even though they played Louis' set thru-out the club, the basement was empty.

Good to see the house crowd lives on though, sort of brought me back to the day of the Phat Black parties in Foundation.

Should of went to Dave Seaman. Oh well.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Bloom! Productions:
perhaps i'm just another picky dj.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Perhaps. I hate this about myself. I have to constantly challenge myself to listen to the music cause that's what it's all about...but I don't listen. To myself anyways. I think it's the curse of the dj.


Bloom! Productions

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by fleaflo:
[BI think it's the curse of the dj.[/B]</font>

it is the curse of the dj yet the blessing is that we know good talent when we see and, more importantly, hear it.