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loud-ass people....

Discussion in 'Downtempo Room' started by Pat Winter, Nov 12, 2000.

  1. Pat Winter

    Pat Winter TRIBE Member

    The people living DIRECTLY NEXT TO MY BEDROOM suck sooooo bad. It's 4 am and they're having a HUUUUGE party extending into the hallway...They have what can only be described as "angst rock" playing full blast and they're all drunk and yelling...This is a common occurance and the landlord seems not to care in the least. Any suggested plans of action?
  2. nwright

    nwright TRIBE Member

    Ha Ha, angst rock, that sucks!!
    Perhaps you could blast some bassy music and give them a taste of there own medicine. Or what about just asking them to stop but I'm guessing you've probably tried that and by the sounds of it they aren't the most receptive people.

    Best of luck.
  3. Pat Winter

    Pat Winter TRIBE Member

    I tried talking to one of them last night but he was too frunk to talk. All he could do was yell monosyllables...would YOU be receptive if you listened to angst rock all the time?
  4. evil homer

    evil homer TRIBE Member

    like hardcore?
    ever have to wake up early?

    listen to gabber in the shower every day for a week, that should at least make you feel better
  5. Pat Winter

    Pat Winter TRIBE Member

    The other day, I put my stereo up against the wall and listened to my "Renegade Hardware Live at the End" tape pack really loud at 8 in the morning, but my roommate said I was mean and she told me to stop....
  6. nwright

    nwright TRIBE Member

    I can lend you some Gabber to play. Too bad I don't have any speedcore.

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