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LOTR - The Two Towers DVD - Tuesday

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Eccentric (LRG)

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haha I was reading my lil sister YM magazine last night and
this girl wrote in to "ask the expert" and her question was:

Is it wrong to think about LOTR day and after day, and night after night ?
And its all you can really think about at all... ?

I almost pissed myself laughing.


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Originally posted by Syntax Error
i'm just waiting for the superduperallthreemoviesinabigfuckingboxwithlotsofothershitaswell to come out.

then i'll buy it.

same here. i'll rent the dvd or wait for it to come on the dish in the meantime.
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Had a bootleg since January:)

I heard they are supposed to be showing all three movie at once, as soon as the third comes out.

9 Hours.


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I've decided to wait a month and buy it used from Blockbuster for $15. I mean, I haven't seen it yet, so what's another month?
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Originally posted by Vote Quimby
Just preordered my copy yesterday. Get 5 free rentals with it to offset the cost.

i *can* pick it up tonite at midnight. but that'd be a little tooo nerdy even for me. i'll just watch numbah 1 tonite and follow up with numbah 2 tomorrow.

don't care for the supahDupah extendo version.