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lot of 40 jungle records for sale 97-2000 era

jocelyn dee

TRIBE Promoter
I'm clearing out some of my collection so I can make room for new records.

I would like to sell these as a lot so that there is minimal hassle for me. (If you are in Downtown Toronto I can deliver. I can also meet you on the Subway line if you live more uptown.

This lot includes mostly older "jump up" style records on labels such as East Side, Foundation, Joker, Urban Takeover, Vinyl Syndicate etc.

I am asking $125 for the lot but I am also willing to barter so if you have something GOOD to trade feel free to make an offer.

If you are a newer DJ and need to flesh out your collection than this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

jocelyn dee

TRIBE Promoter
maybe I can put up a list when I get home, but I kinda want to sell these as a group. If I put up a list then I may have to adjust prices if people want to buy them individually.


TRIBE Member
^^^ Not necessarily -- you can still sell them as a lot, but for obvious reasons people want to know exactly what records they're buying before committing to buying them. Ultimately the list will help you sell them...
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