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They've got their new album coming out soon, can't wait to hear it. Burma has turned out to be one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Annnnnnd look what I saw on the GU board!

US Tour Dates

April 7 - Vancouver, BC @ Lotus
April 8 - Salt Lake City @ Bricks
April 10 - Los Angeles @ Monday Night Social
April 12 - Austin @ Barcelona
April 14 - San Francisco, CA @ Club Six
April 15 - San Diego, CA @ Belo
April 16 - Jacksonville @ Blue Room (just Luke)
April 20 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Quest
April 21 - Seattle @ Element
April 22 - Chicago @ Soundbar (with Infusion)
April 26 - Toronto, ON @ The Republik
April 27 - St Louis (just Phil)
April 28 - New York @ Sullivan Room
April 29 - ATL @ Venue
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Yeah I picked up a couple of their tracks a while ago... they have some dirty tracks. I find for some people they need to hear some their tracks 2 or 3 times before they start to appreciate their style.


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i just went through this album for work and it's very cool.

i love the sounds these guys use. album'll prolly be on repeat for a while!