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Lost my phone should I get a blackberry or an iphone or a regular phone?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by alexd, Apr 22, 2010.


What should I do?

Poll closed Apr 29, 2010.
  1. Get a Blackberry

    4 vote(s)
  2. Get an iPhone

    17 vote(s)
  3. Get a regular phone

    5 vote(s)
  1. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    It is with great sadness that I discovered the loss of my 3 year old LG Shine dumbphone. It was built like a tank, had been dropped countless times and still worked. It could hold a charge for like 4 weeks on standby! I was on a telus plan that cost like 70 bucks a month taxes and other charges included.

    Now I am faced with a dilemma... Shall I succumb to the modern age (or the hype) and get a smartphone? Or should I say with a regular phone?

    I rarely use a phone to make calls and tend to text mostly. I am used to bringing a laptop around in my bag if I need to do any web work away from the home/office. I thought it would have been nice to to go online and check TRIBE or my email while on my bike or on the island, and figure that is what smartphones do well, but so far I have survived without one.

    Also, I would hate to have to increase my monthly cellphone fees at all.

    I am agonizing over this... What should I do? May be I should do a pole before I go completely nuts....
  2. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    At least I am not on a contract so I have more options...
  3. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    It all depends on what you are going to be doing with it, and as you have stated, texting, and having access to online web services etc is nice.

    if you get an iPhone wait till June and get the 4G, it will be hands down the ONLY way to go if you get one.

    Fido and rogers, for a plan that has 500mb-1gb data plan, iphone value pack is 20/mnth includes 2500 sent unlimited recieved texts, visual VM and call dispaly. and then you could easily get away with a cheap voicemail plan.
    the new iphones battery life should be better than the older versions, but i dont see you going more than 2 days without charging it.
    that will run you around 70 - 85 $ a month after taxes on a 3yr subscription and the iphone will cost you 300 - 350 is the pricing stays the same.

    Blackberries, the newer ones anyway, you will have to charge the roughly as often according to the ones here at work, and the ones that friends have.

    they essentially can pretty much serve the same purpose as the iphone, the difference bing comes only in the Smart Phone Value Pack, where you get 2500 sent unlimited received texts, enhanced VM, call dispaly, and 1000 free picture & audio aka MMS messages.

    the browsing experience on them is nowhere near as nice, and if you want to be doing stuff life that, i would opt for the iphone, BB's are cheaper though, alot cheaper.

    i dont know the current pricing on Telus and Bell, but i am sure they are all fairly close with much of the same options.

    since you are not on a plan, you could get a beater phone, and wait for the June release of the iphone, there are also android phones available through rogers, that use the Smart Phone plans and packages, there is ALOT of options for you.

    i would play with someones iphone, BB, Android phone et all, and see what you like the most about the experiences if you can.

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2010
  4. PAUZE

    PAUZE TRIBE Promoter

    Well you have a bunch of needs here and it looks like if you don't want your bill to go up, you might want to just stick with a regular phone plan.

    Data packages for Rogers and Fido are 20$ minimum, and in order to get an iPhone for a discounted price I was told that you need to sign up on a data plan at time of purchase. ($199.00)

    I switched to an iphone last year and my bill is now 94 regular per month on average. On a positive note, I am able to surf the web and check emails on the go from anywhere I travel to. It's not necessarily important for me to do this but I have found it quite helpful when needing to find something online or transfer money to someone on the go.

    Blackberry's seem to be more common for people who are doing texting and email, and since you mentioned that you were going to be texting a lot, I would recommend possibly going for a nice blackberry with a good texting package.

    If you are commonly close to an internet connection then I wouldn't suggest setting yourself back another 20 bucks per month for a data package on your cellphone unless you absoutely need it......
  5. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    If I get an iphone from Telus and decide to switch to another 3G service provider later, is it possible to use the phone with the new provider? Or am I stuck with them?
  6. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    Stuck with them.

    you cannot buy unlocked iphones unfortunately, so make sure you go with the best provider. very very important.

    tbh, Fido has given me little to no problems at all, they have been amazing to me.

    fuck rogers though, Bell's new network is something def worth considering.

    i dont have any experience with telus at all.

  7. PAUZE

    PAUZE TRIBE Promoter

    This. And that totally sucks.

    I would say go with Fido or Rogers, same network basically and I have had both providers and have not had any problems whatsoever.

    One last point I wanted to make about my iPhone is that the battery life is terrible on the 3gs. I have had my phone for less than a year and with my screen dimmed I get terrible battery life. Tops 1 hr to 1 hr and a half talk time. Standby is okay but I would expect more from a 600 dollar phone.

    Not too sure about Crackberry but if you do talk a fair bit this is something to consider.....
  8. rawd

    rawd TRIBE Member

    just score another BNIB LG Shine off eBay

    ps. LG Dare is a POS
  9. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Misinformation in this thread.

    1. Telus network (frontend) = Bell network (frontend). So essentially coverage is identical except in Sask and Manitoba where bell has more roaming agreements. And is way more extensive than Rogers/FIDO.

    2. Iphones can be unlocked and taken to another carrier. This is of course not approved by apple and either will require a trip to pacific mall or following a bunch of instructions online.

    Alex what do you use in South Africa? Why not get a phone that is compatible with networks there and unlocked so you can just swap in a local SIM when you get there?
  10. romstah

    romstah TRIBE Member

    get the nexus google phone, its unlocked when you buy it.
  11. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    This would be so ideal! Down there my provider is Vodacom, which is a 3G network that uses sim cards. It appears they even handle 3Gs phones:


    So, if I understand this correctly, if I get a phone here and then have it unlocked, I will simply be able to put in my Vodacom simcard to get service when I am in SA?
  12. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    That is correct as long as it supports the same frequency spectrum.
  13. The Watcher

    The Watcher TRIBE Member

  14. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Wow their site is awful. Can't find any info on frequency and trying to look at phone specs doesn't work because no phones show up!
  15. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    i bought one, i love it, i only charge my Two batteries twice a week, once on monday, once on friday.

    and since it comes unlocked as long as the provider you have a SIM card for has a frequency it can use, easily the best option.

    the unlocking the carrier is not a ' good ' option, as each update will prevent this from working, each update you will have to wait for them to rehack it, and its a fucking garbage waste of time. so choose a network and stick with it. and paying someone to do this is a waste of money.

    unlocking a phone is something you generally have to pay for.
    and if updates get rid of the carrier hack, then you will be constantly having to do ' maintenance ' on your phone. thats garbage.

    if you want to buy an unlocked Smart phone, get the Nexus One, i have one, and it makes the iphone seem like a POS.

    it can be used on ANY carrier in Canada, and may very well work with your South African provider as well.

    i have full access to everything i had on my iphone, and it has removable storage and batteries.

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2010
  16. agentRC4

    agentRC4 TRIBE Member

    I'm wating for this.

    PSP and Phone!

    Product may not be exatly as shown

  17. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    This is so complicated. I will be fretting shortly. FRETTING!
  18. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member


    Sasktel and MTS are still locked in to CDMA and your phone isn't.

  19. StarvinMarvin

    StarvinMarvin TRIBE Member

    i'm surprised at how long you held out on the I have a Nexus and it the greatest thing since sliced bread iphone bashing....

    i can see you're getting better :p
  20. ian

    ian TRIBE Member

    When I went to South America a few weeks back all the folks pulled out their Blackberries at the airport in Colombia and swapped SIM cards and started making calls right away. It was cool. My "world" Blackberry Tour wouldn't work without a local SIM card (boo!).

    -interestingly enough it said I could make emergency calls to 119 or whatever the emerg. line is there. . .
  21. atomic

    atomic TRIBE Member

    Do you use iTunes?

    If so it's nice to have all your music easily transferred to an iPhone. You can also tether the iPhone to your 'puter via iTunes if you aren't near wifi.

    Don't know how tethering works with BB's and other phones, but it's something worth looking into if you travel a lot.
  22. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member


    i didnt want to mention it till someone else did HAH :D

    itunes is only nice to sync your device with if you want the default structure it gives you. i prefer to be able to drag and drop to a storage location, and have my music player read from there in the way i organize files.

    as well you dont tether through itunes.

    iPhone, Blackberry, Android Phones ALL offer tethering if you have a 1GB plan or higher, with Fido and Rogers, i am not sure what Telus and Bell restrictions are on this.

    tethering is just using your devices 3g signal to give your laptop/computer internet access.

    i was able to do it on my iPhone, my Nexus One, and my friend does it with his BB.

  23. atomic

    atomic TRIBE Member

    oops- my bad. Tethering is done through network preferences/control panel.

    if D has no desire to use iTunes I would not recommend him getting an iPhone.
  24. Karim

    Karim TRIBE Member

    Since you are no longer bound by your contract, before resigning, make sure you call into Telus and try to milk everything you can out of their loyalty department to get the best possible deal you can on your bill.

    Check out this thread to see what people are able to get out of retentions/loyalty: HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Retention and Plan Deals: Look what I got!

    That being said, the iPhone is all kinds of awesome. But if you don't travel outside of the GTA very often, maybe you should consider Wind mobile. No matter how cool the iPhone is, it's never worth paying twice as much for service. And you can purchase a Nexus One and use it on Wind, so it's not like you're left with only craptacular choices on Wind.

    You can port your number over to any carrier no problem.

    P.S. I work for bell, PM me for some insider information ;)
  25. AgentSanchez

    AgentSanchez TRIBE Promoter

    The Rogers / Bell iPhones are on identical hardware, but the Bell unit won't function where Bell hasn't upgraded to their new network (which isn't quite as everywhere as their ads would imply).

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