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Lost In Thought (chilled out, chinstroking breakbeats) by Skank Honto & Ian Cognito

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this is somewhat of a concept mix for us, as we wanted to make a mix for the chilled out listening environment.
after some crate digging to pull together a collection of recent tunes, older gems, and all around beautiful pieces of music, we resulted with 19 tunes and an accapella thrown into just under 80 minutes of chilled out, chinstroking beats.

Lost In Thought
mixed by Skank Honto & Ian Cognito

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1. Dylan Rhymes - New Sun (Kingsize)
2. Nursery of Naughtiness - Eyes (Exceptional)
3. Jose Gonzalez - Crosses [Breaks Remix] (white)
4. Rennie Pilgrem - Coming Up For Air [Koma & Bones Remix] (TCR)
5. Dislexik -Air of Dawn [DJ Love Remix] (Pure Phunk)
6. DJ Icey - Love (Zone)
7. unknown - American Beauty (white)
8. Plump DJ's - Pucker Up (Finger Lickin')
9. Robb G - 12 Inch Therapy [Bass Kleph Remix] (Promo Records)
10. Olive - You're Not Alone [breaks remix] (white)
11. Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit [Stanton Warriors Remix] (Punks)
12. Soto feat. Becki - Confusin' (Botchit & Scarper)
13. Skank Honto - Thinker (unreleased)
14. Chris Carter - Walkie Talkie (Record Records)
15. unknown - Papa's Got New Brown Paper Bag (white)
16. Pornobreaks - Trippin' Me Out (Sic Recordings)
-- Faithless - God Is A DJ [accapella]
17. Kosheen - Hide You [Koma and Bones Remix] (TCR)
18. unknown - Born Sloppy (white)
19. ILS vs The Who - Baba O'Riley (Distinctive Records)

feedback encouraged, and happy listening!

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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oh, and if the mellow and melodic breaks aren't what your looking for, check out my other 2 mixes from the past year.

Who Spiked The Funk? is more up the dancefloor alley with an hour of peak hour funky / electro breaks.
Fashionably Funky is a journey of the midtempo funk / hip hop / rock infused breaks sounds.

between these 3 sets I'd like to think there is a little something for everyone!
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Serious shame that the brown paper bag rmx on here is "unknown", would have loved to track one of those down!
Nice Mix


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really well done guys. excellent selection, and tight mixing. whatever you're doing, it's working.

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thanks everyone! it was fun putting together a set of tunes that involved some actual digging into the crates for, as well as the stuff we wouldn't get to normally play live, so I'm glad you guys are digging it.

evergreen said:
Serious shame that the brown paper bag rmx on here is "unknown", would have loved to track one of those down!
from my memory, the rumor was it's a Soul of Man remix, but it was a white label released a couple years back.
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a quick bump for the people looking for some chilled out beats for the weekend!

thanks for listening to all those who already took the plunge. :cool: