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Lost & Found Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics


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Anyone listen to this? A friend of mine slipped me a copy.

Holy shit, THIS is what hiphip is all about

Pete Rock is considered by many in the Hip Hop community to have made one of the most significant musical contributions to the genre. The release in 2001 of Petestrumentals on independent UK based label BBE (Barely Breaking Even) highlighted the fact that Pete’s fan base is still strong in the US.
Now, BBE/Rapster are proud to present two of Pete’s previously unreleased albums.

While in the process of leaving Elektra Records, Pete Rock started up his own label, "Soul Brother Records"... the year was 1994. INI was the first group signed to the label. Very little is known about this group and they soon disbanded. Even less is known about Deda, but both albums are infused with Pete Rock’s distinctive brand of beat wizardry

If anyone wants a copy i can send to them
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InI.... Faxin' Jax. The sick sick track that came from nowhere in about 95 before InI vanished just as quickly as they appeared. I loved this song, as well as "To Each his Own", the collab with Extra P and Q-Tip....
So yeah, I bought this as soon as I saw it last year, and hot damn the beats are some of my favourite Pete Rock beats ever. Just fucking sublime! Every single one is smooooooothed out. My favourite beat on the InI disc is track 10. If you recognize the loop it's because People Under the Stairs straight jacked it for their track on OST (where the hook goes, "When the Stress burns my brain just like acid rain drops/ Mary Jane is the only thing that makes the pain stop).... basically when I listened to the PUTS version I thought they had dug themselves a classic loop... but of course, the chocolate boy wonder found it first.

Too bad about the emcees though! These should have been released as instrumentals.

On a related tip.... apparently Pete Rock was crate digging deeply at both Kops and Soundscapes during his January visit..


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ive only had a chance to listen to the disc once last night and it totally blew me away.. in the days of fitty and commercial giants, i had given up on the dirty sampled non bling beats... RAW

got any other recommendations