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Looking to ID a Chris Anderson 2000ish Mix

popsicle pete

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Hey Guys,

Might be a long shot but there was a Chris Anderson Mix from around the time Dose/Lifeforce first brought him here.

I think they originally released the mix as part of the mixtape series. He also re-released the mix for a party a few years after that Evan put on. He gave me a copy of that at the party that I lost a couple years back.

Basically looking to ID the name of the mix and if someone might have a digital copy of it they could share.

Thanks if anyone could help,
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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It was part of the Lifeforce Turbo Mix series not sure what vol. it is but I have it a at home in a box with all my other tapes. I'll have a look and encode it for you when I get home.