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Looking for


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Jackal & Hyde "Get Down To My Technique" (Hallucination)

I think it's a B-side to another track, but that name of that escapes me. I've done a couple of searches; Juno turns up nothing, and Gemm craps out here at work (long story, my 'net connection (for an Internet Support Position!) is kife). I think the release date for the track is sometime around 1998.

Any ideas where I might be able to find this baby. I can't get it out of my head.
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A-side is called "Beyond", catalogue number 008 or something. I'm at home now, will search more on my own.
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Originally posted by BigBadBaldy

I have a Dave Clarke and Umek set where that is definitely my personal highlight.

Tell me about it. The only mix I've got it in is a Bass Junkie Electro showcase from Vocode.com. That vocoded voice:

Get down to my technique
Like a superfreak
I wanna see you jam
At my command

is equal parts funky and sinister. Lovely! :cool:

Thanks for the help, folks. It will be mine.