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Looking for Summer Sublet Downtown


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Looking for a place for the Summer -- planning for May 1 - Aug 31, but I'm actually really flexible about the dates. My ideal location is somewhere in the area bounded by Ossington to the West, University/Avenue to the East, Bloor to the North, and Queen to the South. I'd prefer a 1-bedroom, but could live with a bachelor/studio. Max rent = 900$/month inclusive, but of course, lower is always better!! And I don't care if it's furnished or unfurnished -- I have furniture of my own I could use, but I also have a place to store it if the place is already furnished. As long as it's clean & well-maintained, I'm happy!

I'm, 26 years old, a grad student/professional, pretty quiet, and have a medium-sized dog who is also very quiet and well-behaved. I can provide references, if necessary.

If you have a place to rent, or know of someone who does, please contact me at turtle21@hotmail.com


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