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looking for rave municipal by-laws (or history of)


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Please help, I need any kind of data/info you may have or know where to find on rave laws in the GTA or anywhere else for that matter. Anything concerning raves/after hours, stuff like that. It would greatly be appreciated.

Even myths are great, so that I can look into them. For example some people think you actually can't put the word "rave" on a flyer?

I know the Star had tons of great articles when Mayor Mel outlawed parties in public buildings (last year I think). It's for school if anyone is wondering, not for my own promoting pleasure. lol

Jonathan Rinaldo (rinaldoj@hotmail.com)
"long live the pendulum of federalism"


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It seems as though you can also find new ones consistantly comming out of politians asses.
I'll take over and make things right, just you wait and see.


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rave till the grave

don't let the man stop you

*falls off chair*

[I don't know the offical wording, but Waterloo has a bylaw that states no events after 3 am, and St Catharines now has one that states no events after 3 am unless there is a uniform police officer on each level of the venue (or something to that affect)]
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