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looking for love in all the wrong places??


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we're looking for a few good, honest people to be a part of our team.

currently, we're developing a successful, intimate weekly night where garage and underground house music lovers can associate with other like-minded individuals in a friendly place without having to worry about gender, race, sexual preference, age (unless you're under 19, of course. sorry, but venues and more importantly - liquor inspectors don't take very kindly to under-age people being in a licensed establishment) having to pay a cover charge, being charged exhorbitant amounts for drinks or dressing a certain way. we also have some much bigger plans in the works for the coming summer season which we'd love you to also be a part of.

we keep 'hearing' alot of people saying they want to get out there, get recognized, meet the right people in the scene to further their own dj/music careers without much luck yet they aren't taking the time or making an effort to make the right connections musically, spiritually or commercially.

we're looking for a few of those rare individuals who share our passion for deep underground garage and house music who aren't all about the money (which is fortunate for us since at the present time, there is no real $$ available as compensation for these individuals. ;) love, drinks, recognition and exposure for up-and-coming dj's and music lovers will always be given freely as compensation... that is all that we really have to give for now. mixed cd's, limited cdr's, limited vinyl promos will also be given as compensation from time to time as well [as long as they are NOT shared or traded - many will be unreleased tracks.] )

if you, or anyone you know is interested, fits the bill and can commit to helping out, please let us know.

inquiries/comments: rsvp@b9productions.com

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deeno... you know we will. it was a pleasure having you come out to be a part of our night this past year.

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